A Bridge Too Far: Jan Blachowicz Turns Back the Middleweight Maestro


FALL RIVER, MA –  UFC Middle weight champion Isreal Adesanya was undefeated in 20 fights with 15 KO’s. The rising star from Lagos, Nigeria and GLORY kickboxing seems to have finally met his match in the Octagon. Weighing well below the 205lb limit Adesanya believed his precision striking would make all the difference. Polish puncher and light heavyweight champ Jan Blachovicz had other plans. Blachowicz kept a tight defense and put cautious pressure on the smaller man.

Adesanya had his moments in a lively fight but Jan was able to out work, out-strike Adesanya on the feet. The championship rounds however saw one of the best arguments for the existence of weight classes. Blachowicz was able to take Adesanya down and dominate from the top position with ground and pound en route to a unanimous decision win.

Adesanya was humble in defeat calling Jan a great champion and the better fight on the night. Sadly for fans this probably means the dream fight between Adesanya and Jon Jones may never happen. Better for Adesanya to find out against Jan than a vengeful version of the best light heavyweight ever.

At age 38 Jan Blacowicz himself has entered the UFC record books. He has won more fights as a betting underdog than any fighter in the company’s history. A record I’m sure he’d love to add to before all is said and done.

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