VIDEO: Body-Slamming Brawl Breaks Out at Bath and Bodyworks Between Employees and Customers; Escalated After Woman Called “Trailer Trash”


SCOTTSDALE, AZ – At an Arizona Bath and Bodyworks department store, an argument lead to blows and even body-slams as multiple customers and employees went at it in a WWE-style brawl all caught on camera, according to reports.

The incident, which was caught on the cell phone of a bystander at the Fashion Square Mall location on Saturday, initially appeared to begin when a female customer and female employee began to tussle, grabbing each other’s hair and knocking merchandise from the shelves. A second female employee then intervened, placing the customer in a headlock and slamming her to the floor.

Other employees and customers then join into the fray, with a male employee getting involved and ordering the female customers involved in the fight to get “Out! Out! Out now!” while pushing them to the door. The customer, in turn, tells the male employee to stop pushing her and insists that she is not leaving without her purse.

A second video obtained by TMZ and taken from a different angle shows the moments leading up to the fight; it appears that the female customer involved in the initial brawl, who was white, was in a heated verbal confrontation with an African-American woman beforehand. In the video, the African-American woman can be heard calling the customer “trailer park trash,” which escalated the conflict; a Bath and Bodyworks employee stepped in to apparently attempt to deescalate the situation, and things went downhill from there.

The parent company of Bath and Body Works, L Brands, said that they are “deeply concerned by the incident in one of our stores” and are “currently investigating the matter in partnership with local law enforcement.” Scottsdale Police confirmed to Fox News that the fight stemmed from a line-cutting incident and had nothing to do with race or COVID-related mask wearing.

Two of the women involved in the fight have been cited criminally, authorities say, although it was not specified which two.

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