Sacramento Man Murders Two Girls In Vacaville Apartment, Posts Gruesome Footage of Their Bodies on Instagram Livestream

29-year-old Raymond Michael Weber, the older brother of California rapper Marcus Weber,  known as Uzzy Marcus, has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder after killing two women inside his Vacaville, California, apartment and posting a livestream video sitting next to women's bodies.
29-year-old Raymond Michael Weber, the older brother of California rapper Marcus Weber, known as Uzzy Marcus, has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder after killing two women inside his Vacaville, California, apartment and posting a livestream video sitting next to women’s bodies.

CALIFORNIA – In late January, Vacaville was shaken by a double homicide involving two female victims and a live stream on the Internet. CBS Local Sacramento reported on February 1, that a mother from Georgia was fearful that her daughter, who was a resident of Utah, could be one of the deceased. The mother’s instinctive fear was later proven true as police identified both the adult and underaged victims of the crime.

In the month to follow, on February 25th, KSL News reported that the woman in Utah was identified as the adult victim. Her name was Savannah Theberge, 26. She was the mother of a four-year-old son and originally came from Georgia, but was a resident of West Jordan, Utah at the time of her passing. 

Theberge’s mother, Enyaw Taylor-Theberge, stated that Theberge was engaged to 29-year-old Raymond Michael Weber at the time of her passing. She was just a week away from her 27th birthday and has since been remembered by her friends in a celebration of her life. Theberge’s mother stated to Good Day Sacramento that she was disturbed to learn who her daughter’s fiancé was because she had been involved with him previously and it was a “bad experience.”

29-year-old Raymond Michael Weber (left) has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder. Savannah Rae Theberge, 26, one of two women killed by Weber between January 29 and January 30 inside an apartment on the 500 block of Rocky Hill Road, Vacaville, California.


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The family of Savannah Theberge intends to transport her body back to her native Georgia for burial. A GoFundMe has been created on the family’s behalf to pay the cost of repatriation of Theberge’s remains as well as funeral expenses.  

KSL News reported that the Vacaville Police responded to the murder scene with SWAT teams. They attempted to negotiate Weber’s surrender for eight hours. When negotiations were deemed unsuccessful, police stormed the apartment complex in the Rocky Hill neighborhood. They initiated an evacuation of the local apartment complexes and deployed chemical and distractionary weapons. Officers were able to enter the apartment unit and used a taser gun to subdue Weber who was arrested at approximately 8:32 am on January 30. 

The other victim was a 15-year-old girl from Elk Grove, California. Her family asked that she remained unidentified, citing KSL News. The cause of the women’s deaths has not been made public and was still under investigation at the time of this report. In recent news, prosecutors allege that Weber raped both women, and then commissioned a murder that was “especially heinous, atrocious and manifesting exceptional depravity.” This was reported by The Daily Republic on February 23, but the prosecution has not elaborated on their allegations since.  

The murderer could have killed more victims, as one woman came forward stating to the Sacramento Bee that she was attacked by the suspect before the homicides. The woman alleges that this attack took place two months before the Vacaville slayings. She has been identified as a former on-and-off girlfriend of the suspect, Raymond Michael Weber, of Sacramento. Her attack occurred in Oak Park on November 29. The Sacramento police department was held under scrutiny publicly for failing to follow up on the suspect. 

The woman who was attacked in Oak Park alleges that police did not take her account of being fired on by the suspect in the Vacaville murders because they believed she was “hallucinating or on drugs.” She alleges that she had been “beaten really bad with the gun” before being fired upon. The woman claims that she pointed out Weber’s vehicle to the police and that he had acquired her car and house keys, as well as her cellphone. Rather than confront Weber, it was reported that the police escorted the woman he allegedly attacked to her residence. The woman was not identified because she fears for her safety.

The Bee followed up with the Sacramento police department to corroborate the woman’s account of the assault. They received a written response from Sgt. Sabrina Briggs stating that police did respond to a call in Oak Park on November 29, 2020, and they did conduct an investigation at the scene. Briggs cited a third-party complaint that prohibited her from commenting further on the incident. 

The Oak Park woman’s account was further backed up by Vallejo civil rights attorney Melissa Nold, who responded to a Sacramento Bee piece on the Oak Park account. Nold stated that she had filed an internal affairs complaint on the behalf of the Oak Park woman. Nold stated that she believed Sac Police had “missed an opportunity to prevent a double homicide” and “ignored compulsory domestic violence laws.” She also called the incident “an egregious failure.” 

Nold is a frequent critic of police activity in the area surrounding Vacaville. She was not immediately available for comment. The Published Reporter followed up with Vacaville Police Department for any potential developments on the story. Vacaville confirmed that they had identified both victims and that Weber remains in custody as of March 3, but they did not comment further.   

“Both victims were identified and their families notified,” said the Vacaville Police Department spokesperson. 

In addition to identifying the victims, and notifying their families, Vacaville police confirmed Weber remains in Solano County Jail as of March 3. 

“A suspect was arrested and is currently being held in the Solano County Jail on murder charges,” said the Vacaville PD spokesperson. 

Weber was linked to the killings after he was traced to a bizarrely brutal livestream. Khou11 news reported that a woman in the apartment complex contacted police stating that a livestream showed Weber sitting on the floor beside two lifeless bodies holding a handgun. The woman stated that Weber was in her building and could be armed, which led to the police standoff. Khou11 stated at the time of their report that they were investigating the full nature of the women’s relationship with Weber. Because one victim was a minor, human trafficking experts joined the investigation.  

In the video, Weber was brandishing a gun while posing beside a woman’s body, and accusing the victims of setting him up, according to Daily Mail.

On February 23, The Daily Republic reported that Weber has appeared in court after the District Attorney filed official murder charges against him for the two deaths. The charges were filed approximately one hour after Weber officially appeared in court for arraignment. The Daily Republic also stated that Weber murdered the woman and the girl between January 29 and January 30 inside an apartment on the 500 block of Rocky Hill Road, Vacaville, California. No plea was entered for Weber as of February 23.

According to KSL News, Weber will likewise face additional charges from Utah, though there has been some confusion over his correct birthdate in the processing of documents. 

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