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Op-Ed: Have You Had Enough Yet?

Biden Swear in
President Joe Biden swears at the Inauguration ceremony next to first lady, Jill Biden. U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C. , Jan. 20, 2021. Editorial credit: mccv /, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – It’s been over a month since Joe Biden was sworn in as president, so I’m wondering whether the electorate (especially the people who voted for him) have pangs of buyers remorse yet? If you voted against Donald Trump because you didn’t like his style, personality, and tweets, are you now thrilled with what Joe Biden has signed by “executive order” in turning back many of the policies which Trump put into effect during his term in office?

Since Biden’s shutdown of the Keystone Pipe Line (and his proposed closure of other pipe lines), the price of gasoline at the pump has risen precipitously and he has put some 10,000 workers on the unemployment line. Does that closure really address the problem of climate change (the Holy Grail of the Democrat Party) which they claim as a big polluter? The pipe line doesn’t emit pollution, but now the oil will have to be transported by truck and rail which are known polluters, and, in addition, are a potential danger of causing oil spills due to accidents as the oil is transported.

Another area of concern is his plan to let illegal aliens into our country without fear of being deported back to the country from where they came from. How is this change of policy going to benefit our country? Besides importing educationally deprived people into our country, especially as we are economically reeling from the pandemic, will create a pool of potential low-wage workers thereby bringing down the wages of American workers who will have to compete against them in the employment market. Another fear is that these illegals will be bringing with them some health issues into our country as we try to confront the deadly Chinese virus. What is the White House thinking?

Under Trump, before the pandemic hit us from China, our economy was roaring along due to the tax cuts and the doing away of restrictive regulations which were strangling businesses. Now with Biden’s pen working overtime, he has or will negate most the positive policies instituted by Trump. This will be a dagger in the heart of many businesses who have been reeling financially from the pandemics after effects.

During Trump’s administration, Trump pulled us out of two of President Obama’s foreign policy mistakes, namely the Paris Climate Accords and the Iran Nuclear Deal, but now Biden wants to resurrect these boondoggles by promising to re-enter these failed programs from the Obama administration. Trump pushed a policy of “America First” while Biden seems to be pushing an “America Last” policy. One has to wonder whatever happened to the “moderate” Joe Biden that he ran on as a candidate? Does he really know what he is signing or is he being the puppet of the left-leaning progressive puppeteers headed up by Bernie Sanders and the Squad? Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky must be smiling in their graves as Biden goes merrily on his way of unraveling the Trump policies.

Again, I repeat the headline “Have You Had Enough Yet” with the policies put forth by Biden and the Democrats, and will you finally say “no” by turning the House and Senate back to the Republicans in 2022 to thwart the Democrats and Biden’s radical proposals to change America to a Marxist/Socialist- lite country that is trying to imitate both Cuba and Venezuela? Common sense should prevail.

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