San Francisco Computer Programmer Missing for a Month Found Dead in Crawlspace in Own Bathroom, Officials Say

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – According to reports, a San Francisco computer programmer who had been reported missing for over a month has been mysteriously found dead in his own apartment building.

The remains of Christopher Woitel, 50, were discovered lodged in a three-foot tall crawlspace located above his bathroom in the Mission District apartment building in which he lived, San Francisco police say. The fire department summoned to the apartment had to cut a hole in the ceiling so that Woitel’s body could be retrieved.

According to authorities, it is likely that Woitel originally fell into or otherwise entered the crawlspace from the roof of the apartment building and not by way of his own apartment. Foul play is not suspected in his demise, police say, although they are uncertain as to the exact cause of death; results of an autopsy are pending.

Woitel, whose family said suffered from depression, was reported missing by his mother on January 13. Woitel last contacted his mother via social media on January 9 – sending her paranoid messages about feeling “unsafe” and wanting to escape to the mountains because he feared “Trump supporters from the U.S. Capitol riots” would come to the city – and had not been heard from since.

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Woitel was last seen entering his apartment on the night of January 8, but surveillance video never showed him leaving.

Reports indicate that Woitel was known to neighbors as a kind and generous man, and would often help them fix their electronics, as well as taking food to local homeless people and even allowing them to use his shower to clean up.

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