Broward Sheriff’s Office Receives Monetary Award To Boost Bicycle And Pedestrian Safety

Bicycle riders and pedestrians in Broward County at the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk in South Florida, January 29, 2020.
Bicycle riders and pedestrians in Broward County at the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk in South Florida, January 29, 2020. Editorial credit: Leonard Zhukovsky /, licensed.

HOLLYWOOD BEACH, FL – Protecting pedestrians and bicyclists is the goal of a continuing initiative by the Florida Department of Transportation called “Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow,” and the Broward Sheriff’s Office was recently awarded an additional $150,000 to assist with the agency’s high-visibility enforcement. 

The funds were awarded through a contract with the University of North Florida’s Institute of Police Technology and Management. The total amount of the contract is $266,050. This is the seventh year Broward Sheriff’s Office has participated in the program, and the program runs until mid-May 2021. 

The education and enforcement initiative aims to reduce the number of traffic crashes and fatalities involving pedestrians and bicyclists through the use of traffic education, warnings and enforcement operations. Deputies in Broward Sheriff’s Office jurisdictions will carry out on-street education by informing motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians about traffic safety laws on county roads and, when appropriate, deputies will enforce Florida Statutes by issuing warnings and citations.

Crashes involving pedestrians and bicyclists are more likely to result in fatal or serious injuries than other types of crashes. Broward Sheriff’s Office reminds the community of the following important safety tips:

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  • Pedestrians should always walk on the sidewalk. If no sidewalk is available, walk facing traffic.
  • Pedestrians and bicyclists should not wear headphones or talk on their cellphones.
  • When possible, only cross streets at marked crosswalks or intersections, and obey all traffic signals.
  • Pedestrians and bicyclists should make sure they are visible to drivers when walking or riding at night.
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