White House Attorneys Tell Kamala Harris’ Niece, Meena Harris, to “Stop Profiting from Her Aunt’s Success” – Stop Using Aunt To Boost Brand

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – According to recent reports, transition lawyers for the administration of President Joe Biden have informed Meena Harris – the niece of Vice President Kamala Harris – to cease profiting from her aunt’s success by using her name and likeness in her product lines.

Meena Harris, 36, is a former lawyer and business executive-turned social justice activist and entrepreneur, and in 2017 launched a line of t-shirts and apparel called “Phenomenal Woman” which supports marginalized communities with slogans and messaging such as “Phenomenal Mother,” “Phenomenally Asian,” “Phenomenally Latina,” and “Powerful Black Voter.”

However, Meena Harris has also featured her famous aunt’s likeness on clothing, including a sweater with text that read “Vice President Aunty” as well as Kamala Harris t-shirts, tank-tops, and swimsuits. In addition, Kamala Harris is also featured on the cover of Meena Harris’ 2020 children’s book entitled “Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea.” Maya is Meena Harris’ mother.

But once Joe Biden and Kamala Harris successfully won the 2020 election, Meena Harris was informed by ethics lawyers working for the Biden transition team that she had to stop using her Aunt’s likeness to promote her personal business.

In recent months, Meena Harris had made several appearances on television programs, such as the “Today” show and “The View”, where she was seen by many as blurring the line between promoting her personal brand and profiting from her aunt’s skyrocketing political career.

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In particular, on the “Today” show Meena Harris plugged her new children’s book while wearing a popular sweatshirt from her Phenomenal Woman clothing line while pictures showing her with her famous aunt continuously popped up on the screen.

Clearly, many say, Meena Harris would not have been granted these appearances on national televised programs if not for the status of her aunt as the Vice President of the United States of America. Meena Harris has permission to sell out the remainder of her Kamala Harris merchandise, but cannot manufacture or sell any more once that has occurred.

President Biden has tried to implement steadfast ethical standards for family members of his administration recently after some of his own relatives have allegedly attempted to profit off of Biden’s political status over the years.

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