Arkansas Farmer Charged with Killing, Raping Nurse: Goes Home, Eats Dinner and “Just Tried to Forget About It, ” Told Psychologist

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Quake Lewellyn, 28, who is accused of killing Sydney Sutherland, 25. Sutherland, 5ft 3in and 103 lbs was last seen jogging in the area of State Hwy 18 in August 2020. Both images, Facebook.
Quake Lewellyn, 28, of Jonesboro is accused of killing Sydney Sutherland, a 25-year-old nurse and a Tuckerman native. Sutherland was last seen jogging in the area of State Hwy 18 in August 2020. Both images, Facebook.

JACKSON COUNTY, AR – An Arkansas farmer charged with killing and then raping a nurse admitted during an exam to determine his mental fitness for trial that he after committing his alleged acts he went home, ate dinner and “just tried to forget about it.”

“It was all just a blur,” Quake Lewellyn, 28, told a state psychologist who subsequently determined that the suspect is indeed competent to stand trial after being arrested in connection with the murder of Sydney Sutherland, 25, who was last seen jogging along a highway in August.

Lewellyn has been charged with capital murder, kidnapping, abuse of a corpse, and rape.

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Lewellyn, who is married with three stepchildren, has alleged that he originally saw Sutherland – who he went to high school with – walking on a road while he was out driving in his truck to check some wells and rice fields; he claimed that he then turned back and accidently hit the victim with his vehicle due to a large dust cloud in the air.

At this point, Lewellyn claimed that he thought that she was dead and, “scared and afraid I was gonna be in trouble for running her over,” said that he put Sutherland’s body in his truck with the intention of burying it in a rice field.

However, before burying the nurse, Lewellyn informed the psychologist conducing his interview that he took off the victim’s clothes and “tried messing with her a bit.” However, Lewellyn would not elaborate on exactly what sort of acts he performed on the corpse on the advice of legal counsel.

Lewellyn then said that he buried Sutherland and went about his work day as if nothing had happened; afterwards he went to his home to his family, ate dinner, went to sleep, and “just tried to forget about it.”

Sutherland’s disappearance soon began to attract attention, and while initially still hoping to avoid being caught, Lewellyn said that he eventually went to a police station and admitted what had happened.

“I knew I didn’t kill her on purpose…I was just scared,” Lewellyn told the psychologist.

Since his arrest, his wife has filed for divorce.

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