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Op-Ed: Is Joe Biden An Example of “The Peter Principle” In Action?

Then former Vice President Joe Biden points to the crowd outside of his first 2020 presidential campaign stop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. April 29, 2019.
Then former Vice President Joe Biden points to the crowd outside of his first 2020 presidential campaign stop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. April 29, 2019. Editorial credit: Paris Malone /, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Back in 1969, author Laurence J. Peter, wrote a best-selling book called “The Peter Principle” in which the major thrust of his book was; “In a hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence  –  in time every post tends to be occupied by an employee who is incompetent to carry out his duties”. Although his theory mainly pertained to companies and corporations, it could be applied to the government bureaucracy, and especially to our current occupant of the White House, President Joe Biden.

Joe Biden spent 47 years of his life in government service, mainly as a U.S. Senator and as V-P under President Obama, with limited, lackluster achievements in both positions. The Democrats, who for four years, hated Donald Trump and his administration with a passion, recruited Joe Biden to run against him in the 2020 election. Word among the Democrat hierarchy, was that, of all the candidates looking to run against Trump, the nondescript, easily malleable Joe Biden had the best chance against the populist president, Donald Trump.

During the Democrat primary, Joe Biden was mostly rejected by the voters in the early primary states in favor of the Marxist/Socialist Bernie Sanders.  Panic set in and the forces in the party were organized to turn the tide for Biden in the South Carolina primary, with the grass roots help of Rep. Jim Clyburn (representing the black voters). The results in South Carolina resurrected the candidacy of Joe Biden who went on from there to garner the Democrat nomination over the hapless Bernie Sanders.

What were the credentials of Joe Biden to be considered presidential material? You could say he was a good puppet candidate for the puppeteers in the Democrat Party. The party realized he was a weak candidate, so they had to maneuver the election laws and procedures around the country to orchestrate a Biden win in November. During the lead up to the election, a Corona virus from China was unleashed against us and the rest of the world, and which the Democrats used as weapon against incumbent Donald Trump. Strategically, the Democrats knew the failings of Joe Biden (it is known that the 78 year old Biden has some cognitive issues) so they decided to keep him mostly holed up in his basement bunker at his home in Delaware. Meanwhile, the feckless Democrats were going about changing the election laws and procedures around the country so that many more Democrats could cast votes for Biden, either legally or illegally, especially in the “Battleground States” where the election was to be won or lost. The Democrats, with their shenanigans and outright manipulation of the election laws, were able to pull off a Biden victory, along with their lackey’s in the mainstream media and the high tech companies of Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

Now once in office, Biden has embarked on a blitz of “Executive Orders” totally trying to undo all that Trump accomplished in his four years in office. This is where “The Peter Principle” kicks in. Being incompetent, it looks like he is being manipulated by the far-left extreme of his party to do their bidding to “totally transform America”, not for the better but for the worse.

By the stoke of his pen he has shut down the jobs of tens of thousands of workers with his anti-fossil fuel policies by shutting down the Keystone Pipeline and by canceling the energy leases on government lands. That policy, in and of itself, is incompetent. Hello “Peter Principle”. In addition, another incompetent policy put forth by Joe Biden is his immigration policy, or really lack thereof. He has proclaimed that he will not deport illegals coming into our country, thereby encouraging the caravans forming below our Southern border to enter the country illegally. Also, he has put a stop on the construction of the border wall that has proved to be highly successful up until now in stopping the invasion of the illegals. Hello again, “Peter Principle”.

If President Biden continues to be manipulated by the Bernie Sanders and the “Squad” faction of the party, his presidency will be a disaster and hopefully will result in a Republican takeover of the legislative branch of our government in 2022.

So, you can see that “The Peter Principle” is alive and well in our country today, as the incompetents seem to have taken hold of our government (the asylum). Let’s hope we can survive this incompetency until the next election. May God bless America.

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