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Op-Ed: We’re Seeing The Beginning of a War On “Political Extremists” And “Domestic Terrorists,” But Who Are They Exactly? Is It Me? Is It You?

Protesters said to be conservative people from the far right movement, Proud Boys, and Boogaloo join for a Back the Blue rally in support of Law Enforcement. Portland, Oregon/United States-August 22, 2020.
Conservative from the far right movement, Proud Boys, and Boogaloo join for a Back the Blue rally in support of Law Enforcement. Portland, Oregon/United States-August 22, 2020. Editorial credit: Robert P. Alvarez /, licensed.

ONTARIO, CANADA – Big Tech is censoring conservatives – it’s more clear than ever. Twitter banned former US President Donald Trump from their platform. Parler, a rising social media site for right-leaning individuals, was purged from the internet after Amazon ceased hosting their website. Both Facebook and Twitter suppressed the New York Post story on Hunter Biden’s laptop by blocking and deboosting the article. Facebook so often suspends use by conservative thinkers that there is a specific term now to describe it: “Facebook Jail”

Once again, The Epoch Times, (one of the few but excellent conservative values newspapers), has been censored by big tech. YouTube just recently demonetized their channel. They can no longer collect ad revenue. And in the past, Facebook and other big tech companies have blocked and banned Epoch Times from advertising its newspaper on their websites. And now, the Liberal government in Canada is introducing vague “online hate” regulations in Canada — and of course, any opinion they don’t like is “hate speech.”

I have been fighting censorship and shunning both for my essays and for the authors of our conservative values and pro-Israel publishing house, Mantua Books. I got my first taste of this censorship back in 2003 when I became a banned author in Canada.

I discovered that the organizations that were supposed to fight censorship were in fact OK with censorship of conservatives. Organizations who wouldn’t even respond to my requests for help against censorship include PenCanada, the Writers’ Union, and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

The Canadian government supports organizations that discriminate against conservative authors and our conservative publishing house.

The results of the American election, the apparent cheating by the Democrats, the twisted news reporting by the mainstream media, the corruption and the collusion of the Democrats with what I call the Leftist-Islamist-Globalist alliance, the anti-Israel idiots who Biden has appointed for his administration, the Biden family China connection, the universities’ biased teaching and welcome of hard core Islamists, and their acceptance of foreign (Islamist) money and foreign (Chinese) researchers stealing intellectual property, and the obvious bio-warfare techniques nivow being use by the CCP and its allies in the WHO and CDC, all have hit me hard.

I shall be taking a short time away from new writing and publishing more titles. We have lost phase one of this culture war, and have lost badly. It didn’t have to happen and we have to speak out against those who let it happen. We shall see how many new recruits we can get as social media takes over from the corrupt mainstream media. We Jews must understand that we have lost to the left and to the Democrats’ chicanery so that the numbers of our people interested and available to fight his good fight have dropped by more than half. So many have chased the good life and have forgotten about the life of doing good.

And yet our enemies in the Leftist-Islamist-globalist alliance seem never to smile but only to smirk (i.e.. Schumer, Schiff, Pelosi). They have won the most important election but it seems to give them no joy at all. Deep down they must know they are wrong. That is why I sent out today a column from Frontpage Magazine about Jerry Seinfeld’s smart comments that the leftists are anti-comedy. Having little power for so many years turned a lot of Jews in New York in the twentieth century to comedy. 80% of the famous American comments were Jewish and their comedy revolved around joking about themselves and their hard life. Now so many Jews are part of the leftist power-brokers, but all the jokes are gone and so are the good comics. I don’t think Sarah Silverman or Amy Schumer are funny at all. One of the most famous comedians in France is a North African Muslim who tells anti-Semitic jokes. France – the country that went bananas over Jerry Lewis. The only jokes in Communist countries are about their governments.

As a lawyer, I have always had faith in our Justice system, but now understand from experience that leftist-Islamist Judges are subverting our justice system and our rights as a free people. I have eschewed any comments that could be construed as supporting violence. How long I can maintain my principles in that regard is an open question. 18 years ago I spent a couple of months in Israel writing my book, The Second Catastrophe: A Novel About a Book and its Author. At that time, knowing what was beginning to happen in this culture war, I gave serious consideration to staying in Israel but my wife and family outvoted me. I regret that.

Fortunately all the hard work I did as a practicing lawyer and developer of real estate, means that I have sufficient assets without working anymore in those careers. But 18 years down in the trenches of this culture war, losing most every battle we have engaged in, has tired me out. Being on the wrong side of woke-dom deprives me of the type of “virtue-signalling” we see on the Left. But the people fighting alongside me have my deepest respect. There are some who have lost their health, lost their friends and can no longer converse civilly with family. We are at WAR and we are losing except for growing support among the populists from middle America and middle Canada, who know the difference between Good and Evil and enlist militarily because they know that a life without freedom is no life at all.

One thing you should look for, dear friends, in addition to the media and bureaucratic war on freedom of expression – we are seeing the beginnings of a governmental and security service war on “political extremists” and “domestic terrorists”. But no one really knows what those terms mean and who it includes. Is it me? Is it you? When the Leftists talk about such people you can be sure they are not referring to Black Lives Matter or Antifa. They are hunting for White Supremacists and anyone else whose opinions they don’t like. We don’t hear much these days about international terrorists, because the government seeks control over its citizens, and the way to do it is to use vague terms to justify removing the legal rights of law-abiding citizens because of their political views.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” – Winston Churchill

“There is a kind of soft totalitarianism about Political Correctness… Because the politically correct believe they are not just on the side of right, but of virtue, it follows that those they are opposed to are not just wrong, but malign. In the PC mind, the pursuit of virtue entitles them to curtail the malign views of those they disagree with… People who transgress politically correct beliefs are seen not just as wrong, to be debated with, but evil, to be condemned, silenced and spurned… The rise of political correctness represents an assault on both reason and liberal democracy.” – Anthony Browne

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