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Op-Ed: Democrats – Don’t Be “Sore Winners”

Democratic congressional leaders address the media after meeting with Republicans in an attempt to work out a compromise to end the partial government shutdown. Washington, D.C., January 4 2019. Editorial credit: Michael Candelori /, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Democrats, your obsession with Donald Trump has been over the top and harmful ever since he declared for the presidency in 2015. You wanted Trump to be impeached even before he was elected and now you want him impeached after he has left office. How much blood do you want to draw to satisfy your unbridled hatred of this man? That is not normal.

We are in the middle of a deadly pandemic and a major economic disruption in our lives, and now you want to proceed with a nonsensical impeachment? What do you expect to gain? More enmity from the 74 million voters who voted for Trump? As Biden bloviates about bringing unity to our country, he and the Democrats are doing just the opposite. You really can’t be serious in pursuing this attack against a president no longer in office. In the first pace, it is unconstitutional, as impeachment, as laid out in our Constitution, is for removing elected officials that are presently in office, so why go through with this charade? Is there an ulterior motive?

From the beginning of Biden’s presidency, he seems to be a dictator-in-waiting who is running out of ink signing numerous executive orders. It also seems he wants to lead the country by presidential decree? When will his party, who is in control of the legislative branch, tell him to stop bypassing the normal procedures of laws being enacted legislatively, and not by presidential fiat.

Does any right thinking person think that Sleepy Joe Biden, who has obvious cognitive issues, is really doing what he believes in, or is he being manipulated by the very vocal left-wing of his party? To layoff or to do away with thousands of jobs with the stroke of a pen, many being union supporters of his, is the height of stupidity, and an inhumane attack on workers and their families. Then by claiming that those workers will be able to get comparable jobs in the green energy field, is an exercise in a fantasy and a pipe dream (no pun intended).

It seems he is trying to “transform” our country with his pen. Up until the pandemic that was given to us and the world by China, we had a booming economy, and Trump was headed for re-election. The Democrats weaponized the pandemic all during the run up to the November election as they blamed the spread of the virus on Trump and his administration.  With the help of the main stream media (over 90% supported Biden’s candidacy) and “Big Tech” (Twitter, Facebook, Google etc.), the American electorate (both legal and illegal voters) voted for their candidate, Joe Biden, who ran his campaign from his basement bunker in Maryland. This along with the Democrat Party strategically changing election procedures in the various battleground states, Biden was able to win the highly contested election for president.

Generally, when someone or some group is determined the winner, they usually are gracious and welcoming to the losers. But, not this group of elitist leftists who are now in control of the Democrat Party. Revenge, vilification and downright lies seem to be the “modus operandi” of the Democrats as they try to solidify their control and power in Washington D.C.

It seems Biden and the Democrats are not trying very hard to be bi-partisan in what they want to accomplish; it is either their way or the highway, a sure recipe for disaster, and it will not only affect Republicans now, but will come to bite the Democrats in the butt in the future when they are no longer in power. What goes around comes around.

So Democrats, gloat in your victory, but don’t be “sore winners”, as that attitude will have a negative impact upon the country. Is that you main goal on unity which you so loudly proclaim? If yes, than you better change for the good of the country.

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