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Op-Ed: Teacher Unions, A Threat to Our Nation’s Future

Teacher Unions, A Threat to Our Nation's Future
BLM, UFT and other groups participate in a National Day of Resistance to protest for demands including no reopening of schools, police-free schools, and federal funds. New York, NY, August 3, 2020. Editorial credit: Ron Adar /, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – A 20th century dictator said it best, “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” It stands to reason then, that the first military-like objective of any budding totalitarian regime is to capture the minds of the young, to indoctrinate them, to force feed them the mantra of those re-writing history and the rule of law. Schools, their staffs and teachers, those formulating the curricula to reinforce the radical goals of those running the show must be the puppets of those pulling the strings of power. Once having a foothold in the educational system, like termites embedded in a structure, these revolutionaries reproduce from within, towards one goal… the inculcation into the minds of the young, the well formulated ideas set by the powerful few. And the current administration has the entire teaching system, from kindergarten way up through graduate school, willing and able to promulgate its Progressive program which is now based on the lunacy of our nation’s supposed race inequality, white supremacy, gender identity, America’s evil history, racism and homophobia. That’s currently on our educational menu. 

But, now that we’re enmeshed in this Chinese Virus net, teachers unions are focused on blackmailing the entire country into meeting yet another set of Leftist demands for re-opening the schools. Recently an alliance of teachers unions and other leftist groups throughout the country staged a “National Day of Resistance,” demanding, before they return to work, such madness as: Rents and mortgages canceled, increased taxing of billionaires and Wall Street, moratoriums on new charter schools, voucher programs and standardized tests. Throw in for another chuckle, they want “police free schools.” Big Apple teachers, who’ve been paid to stay home for almost a year, want their paid vacation extended by demanding they not return until a minimum of 14 days have passed after any new Chinese Virus cases are reported. Their lives are at risk, they claim. But so are those of grocery workers, truck drivers, police, firefighters, doctors and nurses. But our teachers hold themselves above all others. They are a selfish group and are willing to lie about the science of the transmission of this virus by their students. In Los Angeles, the political nature of their educators was indicated by their demands for the passage of Medicare for All, a state wealth tax, a federal bail-out for school districts and again… the defunding of police departments. Nothing supporting education, but that’s now standard practice for these faux educators.  

Let’s support and favor the alternatives to public education. That would include private schooling, religious and secular as well as home schooling, where concerned parents, working with like minded dedicated neighbor/parents include in their lessons, family values, American greatness and its genuine good/bad history combined with the three “R’s,” according to the needs of the children. No, “One curriculum for all,” as utilized in public schools, taught by teachers, many of whom, because of affirmative action based hiring, lack the basics themselves. Home schooling protects kids from the sexual abuse and gender confusion now prevalent in schools. There are many options for concerned parents to remove their kids from the influence of the organized school systems overseen by our current breed of teachers who are union and politically dominated. Let’s save our kids and their futures from them.

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