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Op-Ed: Almighty God Versus Satan – The Storm Unleashed

Almighty God Versus Satan - The Storm Unleashed
Believers have a purpose for being born at this time and in this place. Each and every one of us. We are to encourage one another, stay steeped in God’s Holy Bible, and spread His Holy Gospel as never before. Photo credit, licensed.

GREEN BAY, WI –  We wake up to a Country gone mad… to a World gone mad… just like it has been for the past several years. Those who follow Bible Prophecy are not surprised. Indeed, we Believers—Believers that Jesus Christ was the Son of God who died for our sins and rose again—we consider it par for the course.

The birth pangs are increasing and also intensifying, as our Holy Bible foretold. Information is increasing, people are lovers of self, and pestilence and earthquakes also have increased significantly—remember to think COVID 19 in terms of the pestilence.

Anyone watching ‘We the People’s’ attack on the hedge funds a few days ago? It seems that certain ‘uncouth’ everyday folks—although some speculate that President Trump orchestrated it—did to hedge funds what hedge funds do to normal investors all of the time, thus proving that the ‘free market’ is a lie.

And of course the elite hedge fund owners are now very angry. Yes, it seems that these ‘gamers’ no longer want to play—but want to instead take their ball and go home. Tsk, tsk…

Yet we who have been watching Trump in his revealing of the filthy Global Cabal innately sense that this is merely the beginning of the house of cards that is about to fall…

And since we have very few media outlets now that operate ethically, it’s been tough at times to decipher who is behind the Global Cabal and also how President Trump has decided to take them down. Still, his Executive Orders that he signed prior to leaving the White House do provide quite the clue.

And February 1st is when it all starts. This is the day that Trump’s Executive Order 13848 on election interference goes into effect. And it’s no coincidence that February 1st is ‘Freedom Day,’ by the way.

This also would be the day that Wall Street will be busy moving their money around, essentially ‘money laundering’ to move their money prior to it getting frozen.

Remember that Executive Order 13848 states that those who are involved in interfering in the 2020 election, either foreign or domestic, will have their property and assets frozen. And this includes anyone involved in trying to steal the election.

Now let’s get out our calculators here, shall we? We know that 45 days from November 3rd was December 18th. This period of time represents the phase allowed for DNI John Radcliffe to gather together all election fraud data.  And after that 45 days, there was another 45 days allotted for the writing and delivery of this report.

Hmmm… ..and there are 45 days from December 18th to February 1stBingo! As of February 1st, then, all assets will be frozen for 30 days, allowing for directly-related investigations to continue.

Now, this line of thinking is in line with information given out by folks like Lin Wood, Donald Trump’s attorney—as well as material circulated by those in agreement with him—and not the main stream media. But what else do we have to go by, we who are not of the Cabal… not part of the implicated main stream media, academia, entertainment, our corrupted government, Wall Street, and Big Tech?

And the dots all connect quite well, actually, in terms of how the Cabal is trying to take down America and those who stand in line with this great Country.

Indeed, this would explain the huge lockdowns for a virus that actually is only a variation of SARS. If you don’t believe this, look up the global death rate from 2020—which basically is the same as the year before that. In all realty, COVID is a very bad cold, and quite contagious in scope—which it was designed to be by those who wanted to bring about wide-scale lockdowns and destruction of economies, along with a spirit of fear to get folks to do as they wished in lockstep.

This also shines the light of truth upon the massive censorship of all Trump supporters on all of the social media platforms—and the subsequent slap-down of Parler and any other venue that was developed in the interim for Republicans/Conservatives to use as a communication method.

It also shows us why Speaker Pelosi so very frantically tried to get the nuclear codes from the President prior to his leaving—and why the Democrats are busy trying to impeach a supposedly invalid, prior President. This also explains the concerted effort by Progressive Democrats to go after anyone who even supported Trump.

But it’s not going to work! Because we all know that Almighty God is on the side of those who Believe in Christ and try their imperfect best to obey His Commandments and His Holy Bible.

Now it remains to be seen whether God will, at this point, Rapture up His Believers to Himself, as foretold in Scripture, and let this Satanic evil on Earth continue on to its vile end—or conversely whether He will let this play out so that President Trump remains in office. But so far, the Rapture has not taken place. And so we Believers then wait expectedly for the next likely shoe to drop.

Now, on another front, does anyone follow Gordon Chang, a conservative lawyer and author of ‘The Coming Collapse of China’? He was born to a Chinese father and American mother—and he’s got plenty to say about China’s nefarious motives toward America, one of which is the fact the China currently is collecting American DNA for the purpose of developing a second virus that will target Americans, but not the Chinese!

Sound farfetched? Not really, when one considers that it has been proven by reliable sources that COVID actually came from a Chinese laboratory that develops and studies diseases geared toward humans. And yes, we’re talking biological warfare here. Looks like COVID probably stands for ‘Certificate of Vaccination I. D. (Identification),’ by the way. Just let that settle in.

Now what are we as Believers in Jesus Christ to do at this point, with this information? Well, we are not to succumb to fear, as that would play right into the Devil’s clutches. And by the way, a bit of research will reveal that Satanism is alive and a’kickin’ among this Elite Progressive class of Cabal/evildoers, who practice in not only Satanic deeds but in trafficking of humans, especially young children. Sadly, all of this has been taking place right before our very eyes.

And now that you’ve been alerted to this vast empire of rampant wickedness, do your own research. Look up ‘spirit cooking’ on the Internet, for a starter. Watch what people in power wear, in terms of the colors of purple and scarlet. Unfortunately, Satanists abound everywhere—and has even infiltrated America, along with its close-allying, malicious buddy Communism.

And notice that now that you are awake, you will not be able to ‘unsee’ this malevolence for what it is—an attempted takeover of the entire World, under the sanitized phrase ‘The Great Reset.’ A reset that President Trump and his beloved generals and loyalists are at present courageously fighting to prevent. Yes, this Country currently is being run by our ‘Mighty Military!’—as authorized by the Insurrection Act signed by President Trump recently.

Nonetheless, as stated earlier, now is not the time to give into fear. We Believers have a purpose for being born at this time and in this place. Each and every one of us. We are to encourage one another, stay steeped in God’s Holy Bible, and spread His Holy Gospel as never before.

Yes, the hour is late, with regard to Bible Prophecy on things winding down here on Earth. Nevertheless, we all woke up to a call to arms by our brave and fearless leader this day—a President who has no doubt been appointed by Almighty God for just this hour! Truly, our Commander-In-Chief’s early morning message sent goose-bumps down our flesh, stopping us frozen in our tracks, as we then readied ourselves in the ‘Armor of God’ for this upcoming fight of all fights. The President’s message that we peered at first thing this a.m.? It portentously read: “The night is always darkest right before the dawn.”

And so it is!

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