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Op-Ed: Our Nation is Tumbling Into Hell

U.S. Capitol
The seat of our federal government, Washington, D.C., is now a city under military rule, with tens of thousands of troops still in place. Only a dictator openly uses troops to help install him into power. And then keep him on the throne. January 24, 2021 Washington, D.C., Editorial credit: Phil Pasquini /, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – Causing little noticeable rumble, the pebbles of totalitarianism are picking up speed, dislodging larger stones as they tumble down the mountainside. These warnings of a major landslide erasing all signs of our nation’s democracy are obvious, in plain sight but are largely going unheeded. Silent, like that tree falling in a deserted forest. Most of us, the victims to be, are unaware of the threat. With little fan-fair, but with meticulous planning, in merely a week, the incoming Biden/Harris administration has set into play the means and methods with which our basic rights of dissent, free expression and employment are being trashed. 

The seat of our federal government, Washington, D.C., is now a city under military rule, with tens of thousands of troops still in place, after having been ordered there in anticipation of a Trump initiated unrest during inauguration day, January 20th. But only a handful of civilians attended that event with not one violent protester being hauled away. No looting, burning cars, torched buildings, independent occupied zones requiring law enforcement. Only a dictator openly uses troops to help install him into power. And then keep him on the throne. Pictures of these young kids sleeping on cold, hard marble floors, fully uniformed, weapons by their sides, with no blankets or hot food and only four Porta-Potties for their communal, sanitary use, indicates the new administration’s disdain for them. They are mere cannon fodder-like storm troopers for our leaders to manipulate and toss around like chess pieces. Dictators have this attitude. And power.

On his first day in office, Joe signed a massive 21 Executive Orders, without giving reporters in attendance the opportunity to question how and why they were formulated or to describe the consequences of their interpretations by those who will carry them out. Trump signed four such orders on his first day and was heavily bombarded by journalists to detail the contents of his edicts. Not the same treatment for the new mentally handicapped President. One of them was to dump Trump’s educational 1776 Commission which set the stage to teach our school kids the history of our nation, warts and all. Its basis was to formulate in their minds, the glory of our nation’s history, respect for its heroes and love for the country. It will be replaced in all public schools with the “1619 Project,” put together by The New York Times’ columnist, Nikole Hannah-Jones, a black revolutionary who has a distinct hatred for whites, Americans and our nation’s history. Her fanciful theories about how slavery has contaminated our nation’s soul and is an indelible stain that remains ’til today and her disdain for our nation’s accomplishments will be taught to all of our kids. The progressive teachers, members of their radical unions will administer this propaganda robot-like to our kids. Love for Communist Cuba, Russia, China and five stars to Islamic Iran. 

Biden also signed away the border wall, released thousands of criminal illegals into our cities. Basically killed the ICE enforcement of border safety. Started the process whereby we would again be dependent on foreign sources for our energy giving new shots of power to Russia, Iran and China. Re-joined the corrupt gang of nations with the re-joining of the Paris Accords. Got a new membership card from the WHO group that is controlled by China. Added countless variants to sexual identity meaning you can legally change your sex designation each morning to anything you want it to be that day. Public school toilets once separated into “Boys'” and “Girls'” would be open to all. The LBGTQC’s rule the roost. The Trump regulations protecting college men on campuses who were formerly drummed out of school with their lives and futures destroyed and not permitted to have legal counsel, by anonymous sexual assault accusations by women have been overturned. Good luck to your grandsons who are now sitting ducks for frustrated, angry young women. 

Biden executive-ordered masks to be worn in all federal facilities. Of course, his partisan supporters may do as they see fit when thinking they’re out of camera range. “Do as I say, not as I do.” Business people, entrepreneurs and their products will by judged on the basis of politics. Conservatives and their products are now being blackballed. You know the story, by now, of the “My Pillow” tragedy. How long before the boycott of Fox News, Newsmax, OAN, Home Depot and the Republican owned, corner candy store, gets up steam? The giants at Facebook, Twitter and Amazon now have a stranglehold on our nation. They, together with Hollywood, our entertainment system and our professional sports are now controlled by China, whose population of one and one half billion customers is candy for our moguls who see where the action is.

Our future looks bleak. And we’re not even talking about our screwed up opposition(?) Republican Party and our criminally run election system. Hey, have a good day.

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