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Op-Ed: El Duce (Schumer) and Evita (Nancy Pelosi) Reincarnated

Op-Ed: El Duce Schumer and Evita Nancy Pelosi Reincarnated
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer speak to a joint press conference at the National Press Club; Washington, DC – February 27, 2017. Editorial credit: Al Teich /, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Can you believe what is going on in our country today under the guise of unity and maintaining order? What are we hearing today from the leaders of our country that is so volatile? We are hearing the term “cancel culture” as some try to dismantle our history; we hear that some want to “reprogram” people who express opposing views other than their own; we hear and see our politicians attempt to impeach an ex-president, an act that couldn’t pass a constitutional test; we hear that some people in power want to “pack” the Supreme Court with like-thinking jurors; we hear some legislators proposing to mandate what some employers must pay their employees (a government mandated minimum wage); that some people want to prevent others from speaking freely in direct opposition to our first Amendment to the Constitution; and we have some who want to let non-citizens illegally enter our country and give them the right to live, work, have free health care and free education etc., etc. Is this the America that our Founding Fathers gave us, a representative republic with a free enterprise capitalist system, that has served us well for 212 years?

Never in the history of our great country, have we seen such attacks upon the foundations of our country. Where is all this pressure to transform our country coming from? It’s coming from the left-leaning sector of our population (Bernie Sanders and the Squad) who have recently gained power in the Democrat Party, whose establishment seems to fear these highly militant members who generally believe in the Marxist/Socialist philosophy that has not succeeded anywhere where it has been tried.

President Joe Biden, coming off a highly contested election and with much vitriol as to how the election was won, seems to be mouthing the views of the highly vocal members of his party, the Democrats. With the urgings of Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer (El Duce), and Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (Evita), Biden, as the puppet, is using his pen to issue, during his first week in office, more Executive Orders than all the presidents since WW11 combined. Is he trying to be a dictator by bypassing the legislative branch of our republic? He ran his campaign trying to be looked upon as a “moderate”, but once he has taken office he has sent signals of becoming the most radical president in modern times.

It seems that the idiom of “The end justifies the means” made famous by the notorious Machiavelli, seems to be the operative tactic used by the Democrats as they attempt to galvanize power to fundamentally change our society. Both Schumer and Pelosi have made statements expressing this philosophy as they attempt to discredit the opposing party, the Republicans, and in particular, ex-President Donald Trump. In their quest for power, they are turning our Constitution on its head to achieve their goals.

During these past four years we have seen an obstructive effort to unseat a duly elected president, Donald Trump, a political neophyte, who won an election over an opponent, Hillary Clinton, who was supposed to be a shoo-in for election. From before and after Trump was inaugurated, the Democrats and their flunky’s in the media, have organized a concentrated effort to unseat him by bringing false charges of collusion with the Russians, and eventually bringing about a impeachment that failed to convict him in the Senate. It was a waste of time and money, especially as the beginning of a world-wide pandemic that came from Wuhan, China, was gaining a foot-hold in our country and around the world.

The vitriol and vituperation against Trump was a constant irritant to resist and harass his every move in his 4 years in office. It continued right up to the election in 2020 and up to the day that Biden took office.

The designations of calling Schumer and Pelosi, El Duce and Evita, \seems apropos as to how they have been acting as the Democrats took over the legislative branch of government as well as the presidency. Let’s hope our country can withstand this attack on our Constitution and our country with a cognitively impaired president.

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