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Op-Ed: The Jekyll and Hyde Media; Peachy-Keen As “Orange Man” Gone

View of the CNN Center, the world headquarters of the CNN news network located in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Taken during a studio tour.  January 4, 2019, Editorial credit: EQRoy /, licensed.
View of the CNN Center, the world headquarters of the CNN news network located in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Taken during a studio tour. January 4, 2019, Editorial credit: EQRoy /, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Have you seen the metamorphosis of the main stream media upon commenting on the Joe Biden inauguration? After four years of constant haranguing, second-guessing, and antipathy toward Donald Trump, the media have done a 180-degree turnaround and have praised the new occupant of the White House to the heavens. You’ll find no negative comments, no snarky questions, no personal vilification, and no mention of an organized resistance against their boy in shining armor, Joe Biden. Anything and everything is peachy-keen as the “Orange Man” has left Washington D.C. for the sunny climes of South Florida. They now can all feel relief that their most hated punching bag is no longer around to beat up on. What are they going to do now to generate ratings for their networks? It seems that there will be a great void in their lives without Trump around.

If you watched the haggard old man try to generate enthusiasm as he read his speech from the teleprompter, you had to came away with an empty feeling. Is this the leader we need to run the greatest country in the world? Will he he able to handle the job on his own or are there puppeteers behind him pulling the strings? I get the feeling that the powers-to-be in the Democrat Party, with eyes on V-P Kamala Harris, that they are warming up the 25th Amendment for use in the not to distant future. I’ll bet the odds makers in Las Vegas are putting their money on President Biden not finishing his term in office.

Just watch when the media vultures confront Sleepy Joe when he gives his very infrequent press conferences. The “love affair” will be for all to see. No snarky questions, no rude questions camouflaged in place of statements, as they did with the hated Trump and his spokespersons. The self-promoting Jim Acosta, of CNN,  will gush with praise as opposed to his hostility and rudeness that he displayed with Trump and his crew.

Just right under the surface, the radical Marxist/Socialists, headed up by Bernie Sanders and the “Squad” who have been gaining power in the Democrat Party, will be pushing a weakened Biden to stop with the “moderation” nonsense, and get down and dirty by instituting their radical agenda, or else. Will Sleepy Joe be able to withstand the future onslaught or will he fold like a cheap camera? I would bet on the camera.

When Sleepy Joe attempts to undo the many popular and beneficial policies of the Trump Administration, he’ll face some blow-back by the general public, as even the people who voted for him cherish their pocketbooks over Trump’s personality.

When will the Biden honeymoon come to a close? Who knows, as the fickle news media has a stake in making the Biden Administration a success by propping up their fair-haired boy, Sleepy Joe. His tenure in the Oval Office will be very boring, as compared with Trump, so they won’t know what to do to generate enthusiasm. I think the pressure to elevate Kamala to the pinnacle of power will be very strong as Sleepy Joe falters, as his cognitive decline will become more and more evident.

My prediction is the worst is yet to come with the elevation of Kamala to the White House. May God have mercy on the United States when that occurs.

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