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Op-Ed: Almighty God Versus Satan Election Finale – The Final Countdown

Almighty God Versus Satan Election Finale - The Final Countdown
A masked protester holding a Repent for the Kingdom of God sign stands in front of a monument and reflective pool in Washington D.C., August 28th, 2020, Editorial credit: Julian Leshay /, licensed.

GREEN BAY, WI –  Patience.  A virtue that is not easily learned. Tick tock… can the clock move any slower?! We are now at the final scene in this worldwide drama that represents a showdown between Almighty God and Satan. We know that God has all the power over Satan, but will He allow America to continue to disintegrate, or will He step in and heal our land—indeed this very planet, both of which are under siege?

Much of the USA has no clue as to what is happening, right before their very eyes. They believe that Joe Biden will be the next President—and that he is a sweet and doddering old man, love of country at the center of his heart. Not so.

Now in defense of those people who are not informed on the current political state, the main stream media has shut down the truth. They are feeding us Progressive Democrat/Communist information. They are busy telling us that China is wonderful, and that America is a nasty and greedy country that needs to be taken down a peg.

President Trump and his supporters have been shut down from the main social media platforms, and when they tried to find an alternative site, that was shut down as well.

The Big Tech companies, main stream media, academia, and the elites now run the country… essentially the world. And Socialism/Communism are welcome. Never mind the extensive human rights abuses in China and other Communist countries… nothing to see there, folks.

Those nasty Patriots who are calling attention to this misinformation are labeled as troublemakers. The violence caused by Antifa and Black Lives Matter members who infiltrated at the nation’s Capitol on January 6th do not exist—it was all the Trump supporters who suddenly became violent.  Or so the cabal tells us.

We are to believe this even though these Trump supporters have never promoted or engaged in violence in the past. Even though there is massive proof, even video evidence, that the Trump loyalists were very peaceful—and even tried to stop the other violent groups from doing damage.

Yet we Believers in Christ—Believers that Jesus Christ was the Son of God who died for our sins and rose again—we Believers who have done our research can easily see that this is false. We can see many other things, as well, when we look to sources that we trust on the subject.

One of those credible sources is born-again Believer L Lin Wood—an attorney who works fervently on behalf of Trump and ‘We the People.’  Attorney Wood has stated that he has evidence of huge corruption in America and in the world, in terms of a large pedophilia cabal and also Satan worship. He also mentions corruption throughout our government, on both sides, with regard to shady deals with China.

Yes, it seems that some of our politicians and others in high places have sold out America to China. We shudder to think that Americans could do that—but they can, and they have.

China and several other countries, including Italy, Germany, France, and Canada, were in on the election fraud. Interestingly, we now see that there have been blackouts in these countries in recent days, followed by swift resignations of top political officials.

It looks to the discerning eye that America is not taking this interference lightly—and is striking back covertly. We also see much evidence of our government simultaneously freeing many of the children all over the world who have been used in child trafficking and pedophilia rings. Don’t these monsters who abuse children know that God abhors any of His children treated this way?!

Credible sources have reported that this type of sin has been going on at the Vatican, as well. Some say that the Pope may have been taken out as the ring leader—but of course we wait for further verification before stating these allegations as fact.

Even so, there also are many reports circulating that the Progressive left cabal are trying to bring about something called ‘The Great Reset.’ The scuttle is that this involves Washington D.C. for military backing, the Vatican as the brains behind it, the City of London for monetary backing—and also the United Nations. This would keep the present system of finance, so that we continue to have a money system that is not based upon the gold standard—a practice that has led to such economic instability that even those with little financial acumen fear that the credit bubble may burst at any time, with who knows what type of dire consequences.

President Trump wants America back on the gold standard. He wants free and fair trade, as that is the only way that we all can get a fair shake and be able to better our families economically—where most of the dollars would not, as they presently do, float to the top of the pyramid, to the rich and elite.

Trump has been working on this problem since he entered office. And we all know that the minute that he became President, even for some time before that, the Progressive left cabal, worldwide in scope, went after him to get him out—at any expense.

These attacks even included impeachment for a mere phone call that was totally legal and aboveboard.

No matter, though.  President Trump is playing 4-D chess to their checkers. He supports God and His people Israel. And Trump states that Jesus Christ comes first, and that this is a war of good versus evil.

As well, Trump has a wonderful, gifted, and brave group of loyal aides who are fighting against the evil cabal’s takeover—and this fight even includes plain American Patriots, many of whom have stepped up to the plate, leaving their homes and businesses behind.

Word has it that there is a group of mostly military aides, who refer to themselves as ‘Q’ and who are helping our President expose those who are corrupt—and that these aides have the use of a supercomputer called ‘Alice,’ which can figure out what the enemy is going to do quite a few steps ahead of the game. We also are hearing that Trump plans on using the military’s GIANT VOICE alert system to alert Americans on this ongoing and dangerous battle—and that he is planning on arrests and military tribunals for the many who have either committed treason or some type of crime against America.

Breaking news by Attorney Wood also alleges that Vice President Pence, Hillary Clinton, and Chief Justice John Roberts planned on killing certain Supreme Court Justices after Hillary’s hoped-for win. The FBI allegedly was involved, as well. Wood further alleges that Justice Scalia learned of these plans, reported it to the White House, and was murdered shortly thereafter.

Has your brain gone full-tilt yet? And what do we do with all of this information, we Believers in Christ?

Well, we do not panic. We continue to gather in fellowship, pray, partake in communion, and spread God’s Word. We know that events will get crazier and crazier as things wind down on earth—with these next few days no doubt looking something like ‘The Twilight Zone.’  But we thankfully remember that our Lord has plans to Rapture up Believers before the Great Tribulation—before the period of His great wrath on earth.

As a result, we remain calm and trusting amidst this storm. No matter how odd world events seem, we know that Almighty God is in control—and that Satan is no match for either God’s power or those who have God’s Holy Spirit residing in them.

We do not know for sure how this battle will end, whether or not God will keep President Trump in place for another four years. But what our hearts seem to be telling us is that at this moment in history, God is stepping in to reveal the massive corruption in America, in this entire world.

Perhaps we Believers will even get to see, prior to our Rapture, this corruption utterly destroyed for a time. A time during which more and more people come to Christ… a short period of peace before the Antichrist makes his presence known. Bible Prophecy students do know that shortly before the Rapture, all will be saying ‘Peace/Peace,’ and that after that, the end will come.

And so we take a deep breath, and stay in God’s Holy Bible, His Word, when we feel anxious. And as we delve into the Bible, Exodus 14:13 comes to mind, especially after all of our heartfelt prayers these past several years directed toward Almighty God on behalf of this fallen land: “And Moses said to the people, Do not be afraid. Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will accomplish for you today. For the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall see again no more forever.”

Indeed, the evils ones vanquished at last!

But for now, my fellow friends in Christ:  Patience.  Steady.  Pray.

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