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Op-Ed: Almighty God Versus Satan Election Finale – The Spoils of War

The Spoils of War
And Moses said unto the people, Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD, which he will shew to you to day: for the Egyptians whom ye have seen to day, ye shall see them again no more for ever” (Exodus 14:13).

GREEN BAY, WI –  Does it seem like the entire world, especially America, is frozen into a very surreal moment right now? Are you finding it difficult to know whom you can trust? Then you are in the majority of Americans at present. So, let’s take stock of where we sit right now, in terms of spiritual warfare—with regard to good versus evil on a global scale.

Since the main stream media, among many other institutions, are mostly corrupt at this stage, we must trust those who mirror the Word of God, our Lord’s Holy Bible. We must listen to those who not only speak this way, but those who also act as a born-again Believer in Christ—a Believer who trusts that Jesus was the Son of God Who died for our sins and rose again.

We see many of these heroic and fearless soldiers surrounding President Trump at this moment, and the main players seem to be Trump Attorney L Lin Wood, General Michael Flynn, and Trump Attorney Sidney Powell. Yes, the latter did express that she is not affiliated with Trump, but ‘thou did protesteth too much’ in that particular denial, as it’s certain many would agree.

Attorney Wood appears to be the spokesperson in this loyal group. And this is where it gets interesting.

Lin Wood has been banned from many Big Tech social media platforms—as have many other brave and truth-seeking Patriots. However, he recently began posting again on, supposedly a very secure site.

Wood’s posts are few in number, but they speak volumes. He has indicated that there is a global pandemic of Satan worship, child trafficking, and pedophilia! If this seems too wild a situation to comprehend, consider the 460,000 children presently missing and unaccounted for, while little is done to stop this vile and deadly practice.

Wood also has stated that the other part of our huge worldwide problem involves the global economic system—which he says is in deep trouble. For those of you wondering on what this means financially, he recommends gold, silver, or land—any type of security that is not ‘paper’ in substance.

Now in reading the hundreds of Wood’s recent messages, it would appear that some in government and many other institutions have sold their souls to China and to a new global reset, whereby the United States becomes a sort of vassal to China, with allegiance to China!—and that various other countries are on board with this reset.

Trump, however, looks to be in favor of a different type of economic system, one that maintains the USA as the biggest superpower—and one that returns the world economy to the gold standard. This would be an adjustment to the current Central Banking System’s practices, and it would be massive in nature—but Trump feels that this is necessary to save both America and the world from an impending and fast-approaching economic meltdown.

Again, we look to sources who appear to know what they are talking about in figuring out what truly is going on, as most of the media is on the side of the new global reset—and thus do not report on much of the actual news now taking place in the world.

This political fight does indeed seem to be playing out in Congress right now, where the Democrats have impeached President Trump for a second time—an action that far outweighs any alleged involvement on Trump’s part in the protest/riot that took place in the Capitol on January 6th! Especially since various trusted news outlets, those few that remain, have been reporting that the aggressive part of this protest seems to have been anticipated by government, and performed by terrorist groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Moreover, we saw that Nancy Pelosi feverishly tried to get the nuclear codes from Trump very recently, an action that could well prove to be treasonous! What is she so afraid of? Reports are that her laptop was seized by our ‘good guys’—Patriots who are on Trump’s side and who infiltrated Antifa on January 6th. These reports attest to some very incriminating information being discovered on Pelosi’s laptop, including her ties to China, among other things.

We also watched how Big Tech very aggressively went after, and shut down, conservative competing social media platforms. One feels like they are in a third-world county—that is how bad this spiritual war has become. And it happened overnight! Anyone and everyone mentioning possible voter fraud in the election got canceled, no questions asked.

Now getting back to the alleged child trafficking and pedophilia matter, it does appear that this is a worldwide pandemic—one that includes underground areas where much of this practice is proliferated. It also looks like Donald Trump has said ‘No More!’ to this abominable evil.

We must consider that tackling these worldwide evils would be a colossal undertaking, to say the least. Trusted sources say that when Trump entered the Presidency in 2016, he asked about cleaning up this situation at that time, and was told that there was so much corruption that much of government would have to be shut down! Not all, of course, of the corruption included the practice of pedophilia, as the sleaze of greed was, and is, far and wide.

Now Trump also realized that such a vast undertaking would include hundreds of thousands of criminal hearings and the construction of many sites where they could be detained—as well as a reconstruction of our current political system, with new and trusted Patriotic loyalists seated.

And so the President began an alternative plan, one that included 200 trusted Generals and other Patriots that stepped up to the plate!

Today, this plan does indeed appear to be unfolding before our very eyes in real-time. Many of us feel like we are in an electric blender, where down is up, and up is down. Just breaking, actually, President Trump has ordered the declassification of intelligence documents from Obamagate, including Christopher Steele’s debriefings and FBI asset Stefan Halper’s instructions!

But in getting back to our ponderings on these fast-developing events, we Believers in Christ also wonder just where this all fits into the Bible’s end-time prophecies. We know that there will one day soon be a one-world government—and also a one-world economy and religion. So is now the time? Will we Believers be Raptured up, leaving those who chase the corrupt path of evil to their ‘just desserts’?

Or is this just simply more of the revealing that we have seen during Trump’s administration, where we sit back and enjoy all of this sweet—and deeply longed-for—justice?

Only Almighty God knows the answer to that, but rest assured that many Christian Patriots currently are on the front lines bravely fighting this enormous war between good and evil—between Almighty God and Satan.  Attorney Wood recently messaged that we are at war with China, in fact.  Thus, we all must continue to pray for these valiant warriors, and also for these innocent children, the victims of pedophilia, who have been abused beyond anything imaginable. Sadly, they are among the spoils of this evil and tragic war.

Nonetheless, there also are brave Patriots liberating these poor children at this very moment, we are told by trusted sources. Plans have been made for food and shelter and healing, as we Believers continue to ‘Pray This Through.’ Yes, we each play our designated roles, as our sweet Lord requests. We do this while remembering that wise old adage that counsels that ‘One person in Christ is a majority.’ Amen to that!

Thus, we keep on fighting the good fight, on behalf of Almighty God, no matter how bleak it may look at times—as things are not always as they appear.

Meanwhile, we wisely keep our spiritual weapons of the ‘helmet of salvation, God’s Bible, the shield of faith—and also truth and righteousness and readiness, including prayer—we keep these at the helm. We do this because we know that all spiritual battles are won on our knees in prayer!

Attorney L. Lin Wood knows these spiritual weapons all too well, as his posts continually are scattered throughout with God’s Holy Word. My friends in Christ, let us all at this precarious moment in this Nation’s history reflect on Wood’s most recent message on, which reads: “And Moses said unto the people, Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD, which he will shew to you to day: for the Egyptians whom ye have seen to day, ye shall see them again no more for ever” (Exodus 14:13).

#Patience.  #Steady.  #Pray.

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