Op-Ed: Almighty God Versus Satan Election Finale – “The Sting”

On January 6, 2021, millions of Americans will descend upon Washington DC in The March to Save America, a peaceful protest indicating a fight to take back America from what has been called a fraudulent election. Thousands of participants began poring into D.C. this morning.
On January 6, 2021, millions of Americans will descend upon Washington DC in The March to Save America, a peaceful protest indicating a fight to take back America from what has been called a fraudulent election. Thousands of participants began poring into D.C. this morning.

GREEN BAY, WI –  Now what?! We who are Believers in Christ—that Jesus Christ was the son of God Who died for our sins and rose again—we are champing at the bit for the rest of this election story to unfold. Will God step in at this late hour and save America, or has critical mass been reached in terms of evil in this country—and will God thus let the United States be gobbled up into the one-world government that we see prophesied for the latter days in the Holy Bible’s Book of Revelation?

It doesn’t get any more nail-biting than this! No argument there.

Well, for starters, let’s look at the latest developments, and try to piece together a bit more of this puzzle, shall we? We can begin with President Trump’s ‘call to arms,’ in terms of his request for Patriots to peacefully march on Washington on January 5th and 6th. He hopes to get one million people there, but estimates now say that it is possible that one-and-one-half million may show up! Thousands already are pouring in, which seems to suggest that Satan most definitely has awoken a sleeping giant!

We also see that several days ago, Trump activated FEMA, which would enable him to provide assistance in a crisis. Those of us who are paying close attention similarly see that the President has activated the National Guard to protect these peaceful protests in Washington. Sadly, those on the side of evil have tried their best to shut down the hotels and fast food places for these folks—so hopefully many will bring extra food, water, and blankets.


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Believers on the side of Almighty God also understand that many in America, even those in Trump’s own inner circle, are waffling on exposing all truth. This suggests that they have a ‘dog in the fight,’ perhaps something in their past that they wish to conceal.

Nonetheless, more and more evidence on voter fraud is being displayed—most recently the ‘good guys’ on our side are alleged to have found forged ballots in Georgia, along with a Chinese shipping receipt. Also, inventor and tech wizard Jovan Pulitzer laid out before a Georgia hearing evidence of massive voter fraud, including the ability to hack into the Dominion voting machines in real-time—after which a shredding company was engaged by the ‘bad guys’ to shred the illegal ballots being discussed by this gentleman.

Thankfully, this ballot heist allegedly is to have been caught on video—and it also is purported that some of the illegal ballots meant for destruction have been impounded.

Enter one of President Trump’s Attorneys by the name of Lin Wood. He has provided a treasure trove of alleged information—all of which lines up perfectly with what seems to be taking place in the small amount of news clips that we do manage to see on the corrupt main stream media outlets.

Attorney Wood states that he has access to videos and documents that prove that America, actually the entire world, is involved in a pedophilia type of blackmail scenario… whereby an individual is approached by someone with a camera and a child, and the individual is threatened to molest the child and then sometimes to kill the child. After the individual does this, he is owned by the blackmailer for life—or at least until they no longer are needed.

If this seems too wild a situation to comprehend, consider the 460,000 children presently missing and unaccounted for, while little is done to stop this vile child sex-trafficking epidemic.

Also of note, Mr. Wood has alluded to a scandal involving Chief Justice John Roberts that allegedly involves illegal adoption of his two children—as well as a derogatory phone conversation between Roberts and Justice Breyer, where Roberts promises that he will make sure that Trump never gets a second term in office!

Wood also refers to other conversations, where these two Justices alleged refer to possible successors to Scalia’s position before his sudden death.  This certainly would explain the crickets coming out of the Supreme Court of late.

But it gets better.

Attorney Wood also tells us that Jeffrey Epstein—and make sure that you are sitting down for this one—is still alive! That the reason for this most likely is that Epstein put out a ‘dead man’s switch’ awhile back clarifying that if he were to be murdered, there are those who will reveal the powerful people involved in the Epstein Island sex scandals immediately upon his death.

Makes sense to many of us, and it also wouldn’t surprise us to know that the ‘good guys’ possibly were the ones who sprang Epstein—hence, the surplus of information being released by folks such as Lin Wood, as he continues to taunt those who would steal this election from Trump. Wood actually has mentioned that it no doubt will go easier on this these corrupt individuals if they will only tell the truth at this point—but of course none has taken advantage of this noble offer.

And we judiciously use the term ‘steal’ because there has been plenty of evidence provided that shows that voting machines were tampered with and considerable voter fraud was perpetrated—especially in the swing states. Remember that they only would have to switch votes to Biden in these key areas to easily overtake the election results.

And just today, Attorney Wood has stated that he has seen some of the information on both the Hunter Biden laptop and John Podesta’s laptop—respectively implicating the Biden and Clinton families.

Truly, the information coming out right now that points to enormous corruption and election official fraud is difficult to follow, with new updates by the minute on the few trusted outlets that valiantly stick to the truth as it unfolds.

Now since there are dueling electors, there can be no legitimate President-Elect chosen until this situation gets resolved in Congress. Still, Wood has been alluding to the possibility of Vice President Pence defecting and not standing behind Trump and his loyalists with regard to his power as Vice President via the 12th Amendment to reject fraudulent Democratic electoral votes.

In which case, we are told that Mike Pompeo would be able to step in as Vice President as his successor in this regard. There also is the alternative of delaying the inauguration date, as that date legally can be postponed.

On another note, this mention of Pompeo reminds us of his recent answer to the viper media’s question on whether Trump’s team was providing enough intelligence to Biden’s team—where Pompeo suggested that yes, they did have steps in place for a very smooth transition to a second Trump term!

In getting back to a possible Trump strategy, we also are aware that Attorney General Barr resigned on December 23rd, so he now will be able to testify on behalf of President Trump, should the need arise.  Barr also appointed John Durham as Special Counsel, which means that Durham currently can prosecute in every state—and we are told that the Durham is moving along rapidly and could be released at any time now!

And let’s not forget that according to reliable sources, there now are tens of thousands of sealed indictments from citizens who all have sworn under the penalty of perjury with regard to evidence of election fraud.

To be sure, events seem to be spiraling desperately toward a showdown between Trump and his enemies—and very soon at that!  Could this be ‘The Ultimate Sting’ that Trump is undertaking?! We know that although the Supreme Court and other courts have let him down, the President has the Insurrection Act, among other tools, in his arsenal—whereby he can deploy U. S. military to suppress civil disorder and rebellion. Since foreign interference in this election has been verified by Director of Intelligence John Radcliff, this Act certainly could be in the offing!

Yes, things looks like they will wind down very fast within the few next days and weeks. And we recall that with Trump’s 2018 Executive Order 13848, a state of emergency already has been called for the nation. He would not even have to sign anything new in order to impose certain sanctions in the event of foreign interference with a federal election.

How refreshing it is to see the Trump supporters already amassing in Washington, D.C.! And have you looked at the names of the various protests, such as ‘the Prayer Walk,’ ‘the One Nation under God Rally,’ and ‘the Jericho March’?  Our Lord’s Fingerprints indeed seem to be all over this, as we prayer warriors do as the Bible instructs and ‘pray unceasingly’ on our end.

At the same time, we wait to see Almighty God’s next move on this multi-dimensional chessboard of His. All of this while clinging earnestly to God’s special Words for all of those trusting souls who have patience and wait upon Him: “But he who does the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God” (John 3:21). Light always dispels darkness…truth always overcomes lies sooner or later… this we Bible students know well.

Thus, for our beloved Republic at this precarious point in time, there truly remain only two sides to contemplate: Traitors or Patriots. We must choose wisely, my friends!

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