Series of Questions Still Remain On Unusual, Live, Televised Raid of Roger Stone’s Fort Lauderdale Home by CNN Prior to Indictment Being Unsealed

Raid at Fort Lauderdale home
According to security cameras at Roger Stone’s house, footage shows a CNN Truck arriving 14 minutes before the FBI. How did CNN know what was going to happen and the timing? How did they get there before the FBI? These question remain unsettled.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In an exclusive interview published by Kari Donovan at DJHJ Media, on January 3, 2021, Roger Stone spoke of the pending questions which remain regarding his unusual live televised arrest by CNN and how a news crew including two CNN journalists found out about the early morning raid of Stone’s Fort Lauderdale home, prior to over a dozen heavily armed FBI agents arriving on scene, and more seriously, prior to his indictment being unsealed.

Stone, who Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicted for lying to investigators, was convicted on seven counts including making false statements and witness tampering, but received a commutation by President Trump, allowing Stone to serve no time in jail, and more recently, a pardon officially clearing his record.

Now, Stone is continuing to pressure his lawyers to find out and get to the bottom of how the pre-morning raid was initially discovered by CNN reporters and whether a crime was committed if a leak did in fact take place, by whom, and if as suspected, it was by an attorney working under the direction of Robert Mueller, Andrew Weissmann, the last person to edit a document containing the arrest information, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Mueller’s dirtiest cop is attacking Trump’s pardon of Roger Stone to divert from his own crimes in the Mueller Witch Hunt including the destruction of evidence of his own prosecutorial misconduct which was under subpoena when he and 30 other Mueller thugs wiped their cell phones clean, withholding exculpatory evidence from Roger Stone’s lawyers, suborning the now undisputed perjury on the Stand by Steve Bannon and Rick Gates, hiding his conflict of interest because as a DOJ official he knew the Steele Dossier was a fraud but used it as the illegal basis for the Mueller witch hunt. Weissmann was caught red handed illegally leaking details of Stone’s arrest to CNN.

In a February 4, 2019 letter, which remains unanswered, Stone’s attorney, Grant J. Smith, wrote to Chairman Lindsey Graham and Ranking Minority Member Doug Collins, asking questions while releasing a chronological order of events for the early morning event on January 25, 2019.

Also released was meta data detailing the exact time and date that documents related to the arrest, those obtained by CNN, differ from those which would have been available from where CNN has stated they received them.

Metadata from the document in the text message.
Metadata from the document in the text message.

Initially, CNN had said the result of them being on scene was due to a highly suspect hunch and ‘reporters instinct’ by their journalists.

“CNN reporter Sara Murray emailed my lawyer Grant Smith a draft copy of my indictment three hours before it was unsealed,” Stone said. “CNN’s claim that they pulled the document off the OSC website is disproved by the way back machine. The OSC did not post the document until it was unsealed. Clearly, CNN was in possession of an illegally leaked document- a felony for the leaker,” he added.

How exactly CNN received the document prior to it being unsealed remains a mystery and Stone’s lawyer’s letter remains unanswered according to the January 3 interview.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), while being interviewed on Fox News, said special counsel Robert Mueller was trying to send a message with the raid on Roger Stone and that the methods used were “unacceptable” and that the raid created a “media circus”.

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