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Op-Ed: Democrats Are Blinded to the Facts by Their Liberal Ideology

When more votes were counted than there were registered voters, especially in the battleground states, you could reasonably conclude, as a rational person, that something was decidedly wrong. Photo credit: Devi Bones /, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – No matter what facts come out about the last presidential election, proving that fraud was the determining factor in electing Joe Biden, the Democrats and their hand-maidens in the “fake news media” claim that this was a fair, honest, and legal election. 

Notwithstanding the hundreds of sworn affidavits by poll watchers and ballot counters swearing to election practices that were contrary to the law. There is even video proof that the ballot count was compromised by showing ballot counting resuming after Republican poll watchers were sent home and boxes full of ballots pulled out from under tables to be counted. In addition, affidavit statements stated that truck loads of ballots were delivered to Pennsylvania from Long Island, New York. All this was done on November 4th in the early morning hours. And still the Democrats claim that the election was above reproach and honest.

You could conclude from all the improper and illegal shenanigans on the part of the Democrats that the old adage that “the end justifies the means” really does apply to this situation. For 4 years, the Democrats and their allies in the media, tried by lies and misrepresentations to have President Trump removed from office. They failed miserably, but when it came to the 2020 election, they organized to finally get their revenge by tampering with the voting procedures in most all the battleground states, and they succeeded.

The hatred against President Trump has been unprecedented in our country’s history. No matter what he said or did, even if it benefited the country or its citizens, the Democrats and the media poo-poo’d it or didn’t mention it at all. The hatred was so deep and ingrained that when the name Trump came up they were blinded to the facts by their liberal ideology. It’s one thing to praise and glorify people or politicians that agree with you, but when you totally misrepresent you opponents views and character assassinate him on a daily basis, it shows a total lack of integrity on the part of his haters (that goes for the RINO (Republicans in Name Only) Trump haters too).

The corrupt Democrats will have successfully “rigged” the mail-in vote against President Trump. There is no question that fraud was in play as Trump had warned for months prior to the election. When more votes were counted than there were registered voters, especially in the battleground states, you could reasonably conclude, as a rational person, that something was decidedly wrong. The Democrats lying about how they won the election fair and square, even when mountains of evidence keeps pouring in showing all the illegal activities in the vote counting process, they still look upon the evidence like it never happened, shows why Joe Biden will be looked upon as an illegitimate president.

This whole fiasco must not happen again. Our election laws should be seen as sacrosanct and should result in a fair and honest election. This past one however was an example of how “Banana Republic” countries conduct their elections. We, as the pre-eminent country in the world, should not be put into that category. National rules for federal elections should be in force to keep what happened in 2020 from happening again.

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