Op-Ed: Almighty God Versus Satan; Election Civil War, It Has Begun

Christian singer Sean Feucht hosts a "Worship Protest" on the National Mall during the COVID-19 pandemic. October 25, 2020, Washington, DC,
Christian singer Sean Feucht hosts a “Worship Protest” on the National Mall during the COVID-19 pandemic. October 25, 2020, Washington, DC, Photo credit: Nicole Glass Photography /, licensed.

GREEN BAY, WI –  What will happen next, and when? Christmas is over, and still, the two sides, good versus evil, stand facing one another—neither one in retreat. We wonder how much more of this suspense we can take—we Believers in Christ, that He is the Son of God, who died a brutal death for our sins and rose again—just how long our frayed nerves will be put to the test.

And even as we look to the news on TV or the Internet, in our desperation for some morsel of hope, we find absolutely nothing! And so we go back to mulling over the recent events in our minds, trying so very hard to figure out a way that President Trump can continue on for another four years in his fight for truth, and also a way for him to display the all-pervasive corruption in this country, in this very world.

Nonetheless, we sooner or later wisely turn our focus back upon our sweet Lord and Savior… knowing that He is all-powerful, all-knowing, and in all places—and that He has a perfect plan.

We are aware of the little bit that has escaped over certain news outlets that remain honest—those that are trying to override the corrupt main stream media’s attempts to subvert all truth.  One thing that we are aware of is that the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) still has cases on behalf of Trump being sent under Article III of the Constitution, rather than Article II like the original Texas case—and that these cases should be heard, as a result of this change in submission procedure.


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We also know that regardless of what happens in SCOTUS, the Electoral College votes are to be counted and certified in Congress. Since there are dueling electors, there can be no legitimate President-Elect chosen until this situation gets resolved in Congress.

As well, since Attorney General Barr resigned on December 23rd, he now will be able to testify on behalf of President Trump, should the need arise.  Barr also appointed John Durham as Special Counsel, which means that Durham currently can prosecute in every state.

According to reliable sources, there now are more than 52,000 sealed indictments from citizens who all have sworn under the penalty of perjury with regard to evidence of election fraud.

Moreover, Vice President Pence has the authority as cited in the 12th Amendment to choose only legal electors—and some legal experts say that this authority is as ironclad as Trump’s ability to pardon people…that there is lots of legal flexibility. We also remember that Thomas Jefferson, when he was Vice President and also President of the Senate in 1800, was elected President in a similar type of stalemate scenario—whereby he was instrumental in declaring the electoral votes such that he was to be the new President. Thus, a precedent has been set.

And when you consider that the alternate slate of voters in the Swing States all were done by those seven states legislative bodies, who hold all of the power with regard to election law, President Trump has a very strong case of winning.

On the strategic front, we saw that on Friday, December 18th, President Trump was briefed by Director of National Intelligence Ratcliffe on Trump’s 2018 Executive Order on foreign election interference—and that Trump was told that there indeed was foreign interference.  Remember that Trump has in his arsenal the Insurrection Act, which gives U.S. Presidents the authority to deploy active duty military like the National Guard to maintain or restore peace via limited or full martial law in times of crisis.

Now, we have seen how the courts, including the Supreme Court, have neglected to even listen to evidence in this matter. Overwhelming evidence.  There also have been allegations by one of Trump’s attorneys that there is proof of Chief Justice Roberts’ involvement with Jeffrey Epstein, illegal adoption of his children, and comments caught on the phone on how he would never allow Trump to get a second term in office. Most recently, this same lawyer has tweeted that Jeffrey Epstein is alive… let that settle in, as this plotline thickens even more….

If, after investigation, Roberts’ involvement with Epstein is found to be true, it’s good to remember that this brewing situation also could then involve Military Tribunals, which are designed to try members of enemy forces during wartime, including courts who ducked their duty. Those who ‘knowingly’ took part in fraud or certified fraudulent results could face charges of treason. We see in the news that Trump’s lawyers have warned these people of this possibility.

Trump also can use the National Defense Authorization Act, which created Space Force; the 14th Amendment; his 2017 Executive Order (13818); the Patriot Act; and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Acts, as well as other tools. Likewise, he has critical assets such as the National Security Agency, which plays a key role in cyber warfare, and the United States Military—both of which are largely pro-Trump, in terms of loyalty.

We see in the news that the U. S. Military currently is being positioned for various roles. Our Navy is positioned off both coasts, letting foreign powers know that we can more than defend our Nation during the unrest taking place at this time. In terms of the United Nations, the U. S. funds two-thirds of this organization, thus securing its loyalty on the Trump side.

Furthermore, America’s Air Force and Space Force already have air dominance and space superiority, respectively. We also have Air Force surveillance capabilities and transportation of ground forces.  If need be, the United States Marine Corps could play a vital role. Military sources say that the 82nd Airborne Division and the 101st Airborne Air Assault Division could be deployed as Rapid Deployment Forces via parachute and/or helicopter.

And finally, Special Operations Forces such as Delta, Special Forces, SEALS, and Rangers are trained in irregular warfare.

You may ask, ‘What is taking so long?!’ Well, we need to focus on the need for both strategy and tactics. This is about much more than just an election.  It’s about saving the Republic. The true depth of corruption needs to be determined.

And we know that if the enemy thinks that they have won, they relax and make mistakes. If Trump and his illustrious team had gone in immediately after the election, they would have uncovered only the tip of the iceberg.  We the People need to see for ourselves who is a Patriot and who is a traitor to our Country and our Constitution—which we are now finding out. Yes, timing is very important. It will show, according to reliable sources, Communist China’s involvement in the election steal, as well as other countries.

It appears thus far that Trump will follow the constitutional route as best he can—one assumes until the Military is needed or justified.

But as evil unfolds in real-time, should Trump’s loyalists go on the offense, causing evil to take a massive hit, we would anticipate that enemies worldwide will seek shelter. Their power will be relinquished, just as Trump has put China in a corner, in terms of its dreams on world dominance as thee superpower—in place of America. We would expect to see restrictions and censorship ease—as well as a return to transparency in the main stream media.

Remember that Trump has the authority to issue instructions on the state of the union via the Emergency Alert System—which would very effectively get around the corrupt and severely biased media, should they continue to flagrantly obstruct the truth as this situation develops.

For those who warn that a Civil War will ensue if this election is fairly called for Trump, let’s keep in mind that a Civil War already has started. It began with the repulsive rioting and looting—which resulted in dozens of deaths and billions of dollars of destroyed property.  It became guaranteed when voting districts in the ‘shady’ states shut down simultaneously—and hundreds of thousands of votes were dumped to help Biden.

If this fraud by election officials is proven, the associated parties will have committed treason and fraud.  No matter what happens, there no doubt will be social unrest. But it would be worse for everyone to allow fraud by election officials… to not have a complete investigation… to allow for the socialist policies of the Progressive Democratic far left to succeed.  Everyone involved needs to do the right thing by God—this is what will save our country!

Now, for anyone who feels that hope is lost, do not despair. Those Believers in Christ, those who have kept the faith, will be vindicated. Sooner or later, the frustration and disappointment will come to an end.

Thus, as we snuggle into our covers amidst the latest snowstorm on this cold winter’s night, let us recollect with relish God’s Holy Words in Psalm 11:5-7“The Lord tests the righteous, But the wicked and the one who loves violence His soul hates. Upon the wicked He will rain coals; Fire and brimstone and a burning wind Shall be the portion of their cup. For the Lord is righteous, He loves righteousness; His countenance beholds the upright.”

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