Op-Ed: The Democrats Credo – “We’ve Got What it Takes to Take What You’ve Got”

According to the Democrats, we need to “punish” those who have accumulated financial independence by over taxing them to make up for the governments malfeasance in running their financial affairs. Editorial credit: Michael Candelori / Shutterstock.com, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – To listen to the Democrats you’d think that the people who are a success in life and who have accumulated financial independence, are the people who should be scapegoats for the financial condition of the country. Therefore, according to the Democrats, we need to “punish” them by over taxing them to make up for the governments malfeasance in running their financial affairs. They never tell you that the top 10% of all taxpayers pay approximately 70% of all income taxes (is that paying their “fair share”?). Without these much maligned taxpayers, we’d be in much more of a financial crisis than we are in now. In that regard, I do believe that some corporations which earn millions in profits should pay something instead of nothing in income taxes, within reason (the list of corporations that earned a profit but paid no income tax included such companies as Amazon, Netflix, IBM, U.S. Steel etc.). Actually, we’ll need more people in the 10% category paying taxes, not less.

Look at what has happened when the politicians tried to pass a stimulus bill to help small business and laid off workers suffering under the COVID-19 virus deliberately sent around the world by China. Instead of passing a “clean” bill, to help the businesses and people impacted by the virus, the feckless politicians included billions of dollars worth of “pork” including non-essential items as museums, nonsensical studies of inane projects, and foreign aid to countries, some of which are not our friends, and other areas of non-virus beneficiaries. A total disgrace by our legislators, especially Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

Look what Joe Biden and the Democrats are promising the people as they take office. Free college tuition, forgiving student debt, a “Green New Deal”, with a timetable for getting rid of fossil fuels, giving amnesty to illegal aliens including free health care, free college, and a path to citizenship for those who have come into our country illegally (hoping that they will vote Democrat in the future),  and in addition, Biden has said that they won’t automatically send illegals back to their country of origin when apprehended. From many reliable reports, “illegal” caravans are already forming in countries below our border ready to take advantage of the ill-informed policy of Biden and the Democrats. All these policies will add trillions of dollars to our debt and might eventually bankrupt our country.  If or when that happens, the citizens will have wished that Donald Trump was still president, but, by then, it will be too late. Will the Biden administration be a good steward of our tax money or will they continue on the path to financial ruin? Don’t bet on the first question.

The radical arm of the Democrat Party (with the likes of Bernie Sanders, the “Squad” headed up by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the ultra-radical Congressional Black Caucus), seems to be gaining real power in the Democrat Party establishment. Their socialist ideas, which sound good to uniformed voters and brain-washed millennial’s, will not solve the problems facing our country, as wherever socialism has been tried economic disaster follows.

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A very prescient saying I once read seems to explain what socialism is all about –  “Any government that is capable of giving you everything you need, is powerful enough to take everything you have”. The only way that socialism can survive is for capitalism to support it, therefore why do we need socialism? We all should support capitalism which is the greatest economic system to get people out of poverty ever instituted.

So, my advice to all who will listen, is to reject calls by the Democrats that they have your best interests at heart by giving you “free stuff” and that they will take care of you, is to remember what our headline states, The Democrat Credo: “We’ve Got What it Takes to Take What You’ve Got” is not just a saying, but a real wake up call to avoid getting bamboozled into thinking that there is a “free lunch” offered by a government embracing Socialism over Capitalism.

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