Conservative Protesters Demand Entry Into Oregon State Capitol Building For Special Session; Police Declare Unlawful Assembly


PORTLAND, OR – A group of about 300 protesters attempted to force their way into the Oregon State Capitol on Monday where lawmakers were holding a special session on coronavirus restrictions and a wildfire recovery fund that was closed to the public. Protesters, some of whom were heavily armed, pushed their way through the Capitol doors chanting, “let us in,” “enemies of the state,” and “arrest [Gov] Kate Brown.”

Oregon State Police officials declared the gathering an “unlawful assembly” and issued commands for those gathered to disperse. Those commands did not dissuade demonstrators, some of whom shattered glass doors or attempted to climb in through windows while demanding to be let inside.

“I’m here to support the constitutional rights of people and of Oregon business. These people are unemployed and their lives are being ruined by this situation and most importantly by a government that seems to have taken totalitarian views,” one protester told The Daily Beast.

“We are declaring this area a patriot autonomous zone. If Antifa can do it so can we,” another protester said.

The Capitol was closed due to coronavirus restrictions. At least two people were arrested.

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