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Op-Ed: You Don’t Make the Poor Rich by Making the Rich Poor

Winston Churchill
As Sir Winston Churchill once said, “You Don’t Make the Poor Rich by Making the Rich Poor”. Words that must take precedence in the halls of government, or we will be seeing more cities and states going bankrupt. Photo credit, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Those prescient words by Sir Winston Churchill seem to not have been heeded by New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio (rated the worst mayor in the country). He has recently stated that he wants to have “income redistribution” in New York City in order to attain, what he calls, “evening the playing field”. That’s right out of the Karl Marx playbook. As the city is reeling, as many thousands of tax paying residents are fleeing the city, the incompetent mayor, DeBlasio, is preaching a form of Marxism / Socialism as the city goes into the dumps. What’s wrong with the voters of N.Y.C. who elect and re-elect bozo’s like DeBlasio to be their leader as the city heads into oblivion? The city, unfortunately, is getting what they voted for.

There seems to be a trend in much of the country that all those cities and states that elect Democrats are all facing monumental financial problems.  It seems all those Democrat-run cities and states use the Marxist / Socialist doctrine in running their domains. The cities and states that are thriving happen to be “Red Cities and States” (Republican) like Florida, Arizona and Texas etc. These states have tax and business friendly policies that attract residents and businesses from the “Blue” states. The flight of businesses and residents has ramped up these past few years due to the policies of those “Blue” cities and states who have been grinding down the taxpayers by over taxing and over regulating them. Of course, the pandemic, sent over by the Communist Chinese, has exacerbated the situation. New York City seems now to resemble a ghost town as the people are leaving in droves. Not only is Mayor DeBlasio adding to the misery of the people, the Democrat governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, has joined in on the madness. Both these politicians have made decisions that have caused many, many small businesses, the backbone of every economy, to be decimated by having to close down while big box stores and other preferred businesses are spared the draconian measures put forth by the mayor and governor as a result of the pandemic. Many of those businesses have closed for good, mainly restaurants, never to return.

What’s the matter with these Democrat politicians, that they all seem to have caused their cities and states to be in such dire financial condition?  These (Blue) cities and states are basically one-party ruled entities who give off the impression that they are smarter than anyone else and they all tend to be socialist-oriented in their economic thinking. Playing on race, gender, and class cards and appealing to the “something for nothing” mentality of the voters, and also by indoctrinating youth into believing that socialism is better than capitalism, they have run their cities and states into the ground.  Bloated pensions to state and city workers, archaic work rules whereby workers retiring can scam the system by exaggerating their overtime work hours by lax enforcement (some retired NYC transit workers were able to get paychecks over $400,000 per year –  more than the governor is paid), has caused the cities and states looking for more revenue to pay these outrageous pension payouts. Their answer, in most cases, is to raise taxes on the productive citizens, thereby forcing many of them to flee to greener pastures.

This policy of “leveling the playing field” is an economic plan that will not work. Socialism has not worked anywhere in the world where it has been tried, but that doesn’t seem to have kept the politicians from trying to institute those failed policies, using the oxymoron of using the word “fairness” to con the average voter. We must not elect and re-elect politicians who will bring those failed socialist policies to the cities and states.

As Sir Winston Churchill said, and I quote it over again, “You Don’t Make the Poor Rich by Making the Rich Poor”. Words that must take precedence in the halls of government, or we will be seeing more cities and states going bankrupt.

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