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Op-Ed: I Am Part of the New Rude

The search for freedom, I am sorry to say, is secondary these days to the demand for equality. People don’t want to hear what George Orwell wrote: “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Photo credit, licensed.

ONTARIO, CANADA – It is hard to tell people things they don’t want to hear. In fact, doing so, risks putting you in the group of the “new rude”. It’s a free country, but it now seems some of us are more free than others. The search for freedom, I am sorry to say, is secondary these days to the demand for equality. People don’t want to hear what George Orwell wrote: “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

This is a big problem for a cultural critic like me. People don’t want to hear complex critiques such as allegations that they are part of political correctness, moral and cultural relativism or moral equivalency.

People who see themselves as educated, sophisticated, virtuous (and virtue-signaling) don’t want to be told that the object of their obsessive hatred – Donald Trump, has in fact accomplished much good in his domestic and foreign policies. Such people think it rude to them when we say that the middle class – what Hillary called the “deplorables” – are correct to see the Deep State pro-big government “elites” as the problem and Trumpism as the solution.

Domestically, Trump understood that aiding the middle class, both white and black would solve race issues better than BLM would. Promoting black employment and historically black colleges now have Blacks voting Republican, which angers the Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson types who profit from racial conflict and believe the Democratic party owns the Blacks. Trump’s private sector common sense threatened all the smarties at the New York Times.  

His foreign policy kept America out of wars by building up American military strength so that war against America would be unlikely. He knew that marginalizing Iran with sanctions would be better for the Middle East than endless money for the Palestinians to be used for terrorism and education promoting genocide The John Kerrys who love Iran and its terrorist proxies are downright miserable to see how Trump brought the smarter Sunni Muslim countries into the Abraham Accords first the United Arab Emirates, then Morocco, normalization agreements and business deals with the Israelis, with the Saudis soon to follow. Those who think nothing can be done in the Middle East without the approval of the genocidal corrupt Palestinians are shocked how Trump has put them in the corner, where they get no state until they prove they can give up the terrorism and give up the education of their children for murder and suicide bombings and the maximalist aim of driving the Jews into the sea, and do what the Saudis have just announce they are doing – removing incitement against Jews from their textbooks.

After years of collusion with the Chinese robbing the American middle class of jobs and threatening the national security and manufacturing sector, Trump used tariffs and trade laws and assertion of national pride to stifle Chinese plans at hegemony. The Democrats have to face the fact that its top people from the Bidens to Swalwell to Dianne Feinstein are heavily compromised and conflicted. They have gotten used to the American media covering for them by not printing the disclosures about the Biden family. They see nothing wrong with Twitter closing the account of the only honest newspaper covering the Biden documents – the New York Post and whistleblower, Bobolinsky, or Facebook censorship. They hide stories of election fraud, and only mention the term “election fraud” when they insert the adjective “baseless” or “unproven” ahead of it. Nothing makes one ruder than having been found out in your corruption and illiberal actions.

To liars, nothing is ruder than being told the truth.   

Yet the national sickness of projection causes Democrats to project their moral and cultural failings onto the Republicans. Years of failing to show any Russian collusion or Ukrainian collusion are now understood to have been projection – when it is the Bidens who are the real colluders. When the progressive elites understand that we see through this projection, this causes them to implement cancel culture, a most un-American activity. The mere fact of supporting Trump, who is improperly portrayed as a facist, a white nationalist, an extremist, is seen as being irreparably rude. Then it is our supposed rudeness that is blamed for their cancel culture.

The immoral want to blame the most moral.

This, in essence, is what has happened to the Jewish people over history as we stand for morality and justice and responsibility. The people who want to be immoral, such as the German people from 1933 to 1945, especially hate those who stand for morality as prescribed in the Torah and Nevi’im and Commentators. Same today. I am working on this in my writing, but calling out anti-Semites still has them regarding me as “rude”. Big problem.

“Those who do not confront evil resent those who do” – Dennis Prager

I wrote a novel about a professor who argues that a Second Holocaust is underway. Rich and powerful Jews, especially, did not want to hear that. (The Second Catastrophe: A Novel about a Book and its Author).

I wrote a book about the narcissism, faux progressivism, and lack of concern for the housing of the next generation, especially affordability of housing, in Vancouver, and a lot of people did not want to hear that. (Exploring Vancouverism; The Political Culture of Canada’s Lotus Land.)

I wrote a book critiquing excessive tolerance of evil; well that wasn’t exactly welcomed by those unwilling take a stand against Evil and who wanted to dignify their inaction by calling it Tolerance; or by those who think tolerance is more important than Justice (Tolerism: The Ideology Revealed).

Then I wrote a book about how our elites are submitting to the evil of Islamism and how we now have a Leftist-islamist alliance. Well the mainstream media and the academy stayed away from that one. (The ideological Path to Submission… and what we can do about it).

No matter, I keep writing and I keep publishing authors who are fighting moral and cultural relativism. (

I consider that my job is to fight for freedom. Unfortunately when I went to university in the ’70s the counterculture was leftist and the elites were conservative; now it is the counterculture that is conservative and the elites are ready to have our freedoms crushed. At least I am welcomed into one group – the conservative intellectual populist  counterculture.

I shall fight against what I term the “Leftist-Islamist-Globalist alliance” no matter how rude I seem. Being a nice guy who is popular is difficult in times of war, and believe me, we are in a nasty culture war. The majority of journalists and professors who are on the wrong side of this war for the maintenance of traditional Western values, don’t feel very virtuous after reading my stuff. The folks who were raised in a permissive post-religious culture can only do their “virtue signaling” by supporting every type of alternate sexuality, every cultural weaponization against white people, Christians and Jews, and every preposterous school curriculum that they can find.

And Orwell also had the pigs in Animal Farm who controlled the government, declare: “All animals are equalbut some animals are more equal than others.” I know that some readers are going to diss me for comparing them to “pigs”. Too bad.

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