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Op-Ed: Almighty God Versus Satan: Election, The Calm Before the Storm

Almighty God Versus Satan: Election, The Calm Before the Storm
A woman lifts a “God Bless America” sign at a “Stop the Steal” rally at the state capitol, echoing unfounded allegations of voter fraud in the US election. Jefferson City, MO, November 14, 2020, Editorial credit: Ryanzo W. Perez /, licensed.

GREEN BAY, WI – You know the feeling… the one where you are waiting, breath in check, for the next shoe to drop. It is increasingly beginning to look like all hell is about to break loose in America, actually on the entire planet. Yes, it is Almighty God versus Satan, with an epic drama like we have never seen before unfolding in glaring real-time.

We’ve seen the United States election results in free-fall, each side trying so very valiantly to prove that they have won. But it’s bigger than that. This battle, my friends in Christ, most definitely is spiritual!

On the one side, we’ve got Satan and his minions—some knowingly and some unknowingly. This includes China at the forefront with other countries, the big tech elites, the main stream media, the far left Progressive wing of the Democratic Party, a good chunk of Academia, Hollywood, and the elites on Wall Street—also, reports are that some of the Republicans have fallen prey to China.

We’ve got President Trump’s court cases still pending that will go to the Supreme Court. After the Texas debacle, Trump now knows how to file under Article 3—and not under Article 2—which will force the Supreme Court to hear this rewritten case.

We’ve got the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) report overdue. We also have Attorney General Barr stepping down on December 23rd, which enables him to be a witness to this corruption. Barr also appointed Durham as special counsel in the Hunter Biden investigation, so that Barr can prosecute in any state.

Sources who appear to be very credible say that Trump is allowing the civil, criminal, and federal courts to fail so that he has the option of using military tribunals. Apparently, our President has all of the data from NSA, the Kraken supercomputer, the Alice supercomputer, and various other systems.

Also in his arsenal are the dueling electors from seven state legislatures. As well, Vice President Mike Pence is the final arbiter of ballots during the electoral process on January 6, 2020. Trump also has the Insurrection Act, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Emergency Act, the 14th Amendment, and the 2018 Executive Order allowing for the rejection of the election based upon foreign interference—which we now know to be true.

Additionally, Trump has his very first Executive Order of January 27, 2017, the Patriot Act, the FISA warrants, and the possible declassification of everything, including Wikileaks. He also maintains in his arsenal 1,000 sworn affidavits by Patriots attesting to the election fraud, and expert code scan personnel who only need access to some real ballots in order to detect if they are fake by looking for creases and printing items using scanner technology.

Moreover, the President has all of the statistical data being analyzed, as well as the videos, emails, phone calls, and bank transfer statements showing the coordination of this coup, this attempted takeover. Credible sources allege that Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg manned the operation, and George Soros funded it.

Donald J. Trump likewise has the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO) Law passed in 1970. Moreover, if Julian Assange is pardoned, he can talk about the Seth Rich scandal. And now that governors and secretary of states certified the illegal ballots and Biden has accepted them, they knowingly committed treason if these allegations prove to be true!

Similarly, anyone notice the recent FBI raid on SolarWinds, which was a server for none other than Dominion, the company alleged to have been involved in designing their machines to allow for massive election fraud—and also the company that is not-so-surprisingly closing up shop? During this raid, the Internet connection allowing for other countries/entities to hack into Dominion systems has been shut down. Reports also are that Trump has the CIA servers from Germany used to change Dominion machines, and that he soon will have access to all of the American states’ machines, too.

But it gets better! Biden has not accepted any transition money, nor has Kamala given up her seat. And has anyone been paying attention to the fact that Biden’s daily intelligence reports suddenly were halted this past Friday—much to even the Pentagon’s shock and confusion?

Reports also say that the military has infiltrated Antifa and Black Lives Matter, thus disclosing the financial tracings for these two corrupt organizations. Additionally, in terms of the Department of Defense, Trump replaced certain positions with loyalists, including Chris Miller and Ezra-Cohen Watnick.

The White House also has moved to clear out an outside advisory group of former high-profile national security officials—including the jettisoning of former Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright and Henry Kissinger, former ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee Jane Harman, and former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

And take a look at all of the increased military activity. They have been flying more planes over America and to Guantanamo for the first time in years, and the Navy just parked huge naval fleets on both coasts. The 82nd Airborne is preparing for an operation, as well. This display will alert other countries that America is well able to defend itself amidst the present turmoil.

Thus, if these reports are true—and they certainly coincide perfectly with the few things that are being reported in the news—then things are falling into place quite wonderfully!

This would mean that President Trump has it all, and currently is graciously giving the perpetrators a chance to fix things—and doing a bit of trolling his enemies along the way, as well. But who could blame him, after the four-plus years that he has so courageously endured at their evil hands?

My friends, it certainly looks as though we are at war with China—a country that has openly stated that they want to take over America in terms of hegemony, in terms of becoming the world’s superpower.

And indeed, we Believers in Christ—Believers that He was the Son of God who died for our sins and rose again—we are weary of the evil and the lies and the wickedness that abound. We see the end of days fast approaching, as prophesied in the Holy Bible, and we hearken back to Revelation 22:15:  “But outside are dogs and sorcerers and sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters, and whoever loves and practices a lie.”  We are overcome with extreme sadness and immeasurable grief.

Satan and his evil allies undeniably are standing at the threshold, furiously banging down the fortress. Yet, we Believers and Patriots know that if Almighty God has chosen this particular time to shine His cleansing light on this all-pervasive evil in one fell swoop, we will prevail against all odds.  Henceforth, we cling to the sage warning uttered in the vastly portentous words of born-again Christian and Trump Attorney Lin Wood, and those significant and wise words are these: “Steady. Patience. Pray.”

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