REPORT: Independent Fact Checkers Turn Out Not To Be So “Independent” After All; Largely Funded by Left-Wing Supporters, Soros, Google, Others

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Independent fact checkers are turning out not to be so “independent” after all, according to an investigation by OANNs Pearson Sharp who says some of these companies are connected to Communist China and even left-wing billionaire George Soros. These organizations, some of which are for-profit, and other non-profit, are fact-checking everything we read, be it on news websites and social media, while their labeling systems stifle free-speech.

So, who are these fact-checkers and what are their processes? Are they the same fact-checkers who labeled the New York Post story on Hunter Biden’s email as Russian disinformation burying any mention of the story before people could see it? That story turned out to be both very real and profoundly serious, spanning wider than originally reported and revealing a sperate probe into Biden’s younger brother, James, a fact that roughly 30% of independent voters thought were very important to know about prior to casting their vote.

The “mysterious” fact-checkers specifically mentioned in the report were, a company affiliated with Chinese social media company TikTok; The International Fact-Checking Network, founded by Poynter Institute, owners of PolitiFact largely funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, Google, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and others; as well as Facebook, which an investigation by SkyNews said was one of their extreme examples found when it discovered one of Facebook’s fact-checkers in Chief, Margot Susca, was revealed to be Hillary Clinton supporter and staunch critic of President Donald Trump.

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