Despite Flurry of Reports, Joe Biden Officially Not President-Elect While Results Remain “In Dispute” With “Dueling Slates of Electors”


WASHINGTON, D.C. – According to One America News Network, while you will not hear it said anywhere else, until the joint session of Congress and the Senate meet on January 6 — Joe Biden is not the president elect, a fact substantiated after speaking with constitutional lawyer Bruce Fein.

At issue is two sets of state electors being submitted in several key battleground states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, New Mexico, Nevada and Wisconsin. According to Reuters which was founded in 1851, there remains a legal and constitutional challenge to play-out to “officially” determine who will be inaugurated on January 20, 2021, former Vice President Joe Biden, or incumbent President Donald J. Trump. Such is the case, if at any time there are “dueling slates of electors” especially in Democratic states which have Democratic governors and Republican-controlled legislatures.

Both the New York Times and PolitiFact cast dispute on election law experts and history as this happened in 1876 when dueling electors in three states were deadlocked until a deal was brokered days before the inauguration. More recently it happened again in 1961 when the governor of Hawaii certified electors for Republican Richard Nixon yet Democratic electors cast their votes for Democrat John F. Kennedy.

On Thursday, December 17, OANNs Pearson Sharp reported on what he called “irresponsible” journalism for any journalist or news organization to “declare Joe Biden the undisputed winner” also noting that The Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, for the first time in history, deadlocked on the results.

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