Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton Believes Biden Family Probes Are Likely A RICO Case Involving Joe Biden Himself – “Can’t Separate the Two”

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, was interviewed on Newsmax’s Spicer & Co. last night where he shared his belief that Hunter Biden and the Biden Family are corrupt and connected to China and that the mainstream media continues to try and bury the evidence. Fitton, who is known for his pro-Trump stance, frequently appears for news shows airing his opinions on corruption and judicial issues.

In the interview, which was with Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, Fitton stated that both Hunter Biden and James Biden investigations cannot separate Joe Biden; that he [believes] Biden is involved in these issues, and that the investigation is likely a RICO case.

“…we have evidence that Hunter Biden’s dealings benefited his father so we’ve got this evidence out there which the media still is covering up they’re pretending it’s a tax issue about Hunter Biden no in the if they’re doing their job the Justice department of the FBI they’re investigating Joe Biden they can’t separate the two. We have got the eyewitness testimony of Joe Biden’s involvement; we have the documents the emails from Hunter’s laptop and other emails separately from at least two other parties that confirmed Joe Biden was involved in these issues. This is a RICO case and involves potentially the incoming President of the United States, assuming he is installed.”

The two also highlighted U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa’s comments regarding the media initially covering up and dismissing the Hunter Biden Investigation that he conducted with Senator Ron Johnson as he spoke on the House Floor.

…for over a year Senator Johnson and I investigated the Biden financial family dealings, we showed our work, and we made our findings very public, but the liberal media and members of the other political party chose to dismiss our work. Those same liberal outlets that disparaged our investigation now report that Hunter Biden’s financial deals in china raise counterintelligence concerns.

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Problems continue to pile up for the Biden family including potential tax evasion for Biden’s son Hunter, probes into Biden’s younger brother James Biden and his dealings with a now bankrupt hospital business Americore Health, and a recent conviction for Biden’s niece, Caroline Biden stemming from careless driving, drug-dui and driving without license.

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