Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Not Ready To Accept Biden as the President-Elect, Says “That’s Not For Me To Do; We Did Our Thing in Florida”


TALLAHASSEE, FL – On Tuesday, Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declined to acknowledge Biden as the president-elect. His comment came one day after the Electoral College affirmed Biden’s victory, a defeat that was formally accepted by Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

DeSantis told reporters after one asked if he has accepted the results, referring to Biden as the President-elect that it was not for him to do after a state Cabinet meeting.

“Obviously, we did our thing in Florida, the College voted,” DeSantis said. “What’s going to happen is going to happen. But I can tell you I think a lot of the frustration for folks who supported the president is, we were four years with people not accepting him. I mean, Hillary the last week of the election was saying Putin stole it, and I just think that that’s left a lot of people frustrated with how it’s going to go.”

According to The Florida Phoenix, Nikki Fried, the State Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services called it ludicrous.

“That is ludicrous, you’re governor of the third-largest state in the nation. Joe Biden is the president-elect. Joe Biden will be president of the United States,” she said.

DeSantis has been one of Trump’s staunchest allies with the Sunshine State casting its 29 state electors for Trump on Monday after the president’s victory in the state on November 3.

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