McEnany Says “President Trump Delivered” Vaccine Here Before Years End – Experts Called It “Preposterous,” “Impossible,” “POTUS in Wonderland”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany held a press briefing on Tuesday which began with McEnany criticizing the media for the way they covered Trump’s initiative to deliver an effective and safe COVID-19 vaccine through the administration’s Operation Warp Speed, and doing so before the end of the year – a “fantasy” that has now materialized.

The presser which also covered other issues such as a further commitment to buy millions more doses of coronavirus vaccinations from Pfizer, came a day after the first vaccine doses were distributed in the United States.

“The president promised a safe and effective vaccine in record time and President Trump delivered” McEnany said. “Earlier this year, we heard from several news outlets and so-called ‘fact checks’ that President Trump would need a ‘miracle’ to be right. That was an NBC news article. We were told according to Health Line that “a vaccine will still take more than a year to develop.” USA today warned us that ‘despite medical researchers progress the vaccine quote was more than a year away’ and National Geographic even told us that achieving a vaccine within call a year to 18 months would be ‘absolutely unprecedented’. these reports deserve their own fact check. False.” she added.

Donald Trump has a history of beating out politicians when it comes to remarkable results. One such example is the Wollman Skating Rink in the southern part of Central Park, New York City. Trump refurbished the skating rink two and a half months ahead of his own amazingly short six-month schedule and $750,000 below his projected $3 million budget, having taken over the project after the city spent six years and $12 million unsuccessfully trying to get the job done.


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“Once upon a time there was an ice-skating rink in Central Park that could no longer make ice. No one could figure out how to fix the skating rink. Years went by and millions of dollars were spent and still no ice. One day a white knight wearing a bright red tie showed up and said: ‘ Let there be ice!’ Four months later there was ice. When asked by the press why the people had been unable to fix the rink themselves the knight said, ‘they’re very nice people and I like them very much but they’re all idiots!’ And everyone lived happily ever after” according to a quote in Forbes Magazine.

The United States has already committed to purchasing enough to vaccinate 50 million people and is working on the details of future acquisition. The Food and Drug administration authorized its use late last week.

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