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Op-Ed: “Plausible Deniability” – Describing The Shady Activities Of The Biden Family In International Business Dealings

DELRAY BEACH, FL – That’s a phrase used by James Biden (Joe Biden’s brother) in describing the shady activities of the Biden family in international business dealings. A definition of that phrase goes as follows:  “The term typically implies forethought, such as intentionally setting up conditions for the plausible avoidance of responsibility for one’s future actions or knowledge”.

That sort of sums up the actions of the members of the Biden family in their “shady” dealings with foreign countries using the name “Biden” as the “foot in the door”, to get monetary rewards which they would not be able to get if they didn’t use the Biden name or his influence.

This is quite alarming as we are about to swear in, as president of the U.S., the patriarch of the family that is under criminal investigation for tax evasion, money laundering and using one’s public office for monetary gain.

It seems that the “big guy” in the whole scenario is none other than Joe Biden himself. His son, Hunter, was the main actor in these less than honest deals around the various countries of Ukraine, Russia, China, Romania, Kazakhstan, Costa Rica, and Iraq etc.

Throughout the past campaign, whenever the question of Hunter Biden’s activities came up, Joe Biden vehemently claimed he knew nothing of his son’s business activities. From testimony of one of Hunter’s business partners, Tony Bobulinski, a retired Naval Officer, not only was Hunter involved in trading in on his family name (while Joe was Vice-President), but that the “Chairman”, mentioned in emails made public by Bobulinski, was actually his father, Joe Biden, who was designated to get 10% of funds generated by Hunter. Tony Bobulinski has stated that he actually had a sit-down with Joe Biden, as they discussed the activities of his son’s business connections, contradicting what Joe Biden has repeatedly claimed that he had no knowledge of those activities. A claim that contradicts what Tony Bobulinski has testified to. He claims Joe Biden has lied that he didn’t know anything about Hunter’s business activities.


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It is amazing that the whole Biden family have become multi-millionaires using the name and positions of Joe Biden, as Senator and Vice-President, in getting “sweetheart deals” around the world, without any working knowledge of why they were “hired” in the first place. Most all had zero experience for the positions they held.

What looks like a major problem for our country’s future “president”  is the influence of China on our foreign policy. For example, the Biden family has had a working relationship with China over the past few years, whereby the family received millions of dollars from companies associated with the Communist Party of China. During the past presidential campaign it was no secret that the Chinese were rooting for the election of Joe Biden as president, as President Trump had been a “thorn in the side” of the Chinese by imposing tariff’s on Chinese products entering in the United States and in questioning their human rights policies. Will all these measures against the unfair business tactics that the Chinese have been using against the U.S in the past, now be eased under a Joe Biden presidency? From past rhetoric of Joe Biden, who has said appeasing words about the Chinese, it looks like China might be back in business exploiting their relationship with the United States.

James Biden, the brother of Joe Biden, was asked by Tony Bobulinski, how the Biden family could possibly get away with all these shady shenanigans, and James Biden arrogantly stated, “plausible deniability”, implying that it would be difficult to find the Biden family guilty of malfeasance as they have covered their tracks well.

Will the Biden family get off Scot-free? Only time will tell whether a double-standard of justice will be the rule again, as prominent politicians, like the Biden family, seem to get off by not being punished for their crimes.

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