Federal Investigators Now Looking Into Business Dealings of President-Elect’s Brother, James Biden – Growing Probes Becoming Family Affair


WASHINGTON, D.C. – It appears that Hunter Biden – the son of President-Elect Joe Biden – isn’t the only member of the family that has come into the crosshairs of Federal investigators as business dealing of Biden’s younger brother James are now also being scrutinized as well, reports say.

Hunter Biden is currently under investigation for possible tax fraud as well as his past business dealings in foreign countries such as Ukraine and China, both of which his father led U.S. policy efforts toward during the Obama Administration. However, his uncle James, it has been revealed, is now having his prior role in a hospital business Americore Health looked into, in what is being described as a “criminal investigation.”

Previously, FBI agents raided two hospitals operated by Americore Health amid allegations of “gross financial mismanagement” and not taking “public safety and welfare” into consideration.

James Biden, alleged to be a partner in Americore Health’s business hierarchy, is accused of fraudulently transferring funds from Americore to himself “outside of the ordinary course of business” in the form of personal loans – reportedly for more than half a million dollars – that a former Americore executive alleges have not been repaid.

President-Elect Joe Biden is not accused of any wrongdoing, and has previously stated that he and his family would avoid conflicts of interest during his time in office. However, the investigations of both his son and brother by feds could cast a dark shadow over the presidency of Biden when the President-Elect takes his Oath of Office next month.

Legal experts are suggesting that Biden should steer clear of interjecting himself into independent legal matters, something his predecessor, current President Donald Trump, often had difficulty with.

“It would be important for some internal messaging in the Justice Department to underline the Justice Department’s independence,” said Washington University law professor Kathleen Clark to Politico. “What Biden and a Biden DOJ need to do is emphasize that Biden will not interject himself in specific DOJ investigations.”

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