Trump Attorney Lin Wood Reveals Interesting Connection Between DNC Law Firm, Clinton, Dossier and Mail-in Ballot Procedure Changes


WASHINGTON, D.C. – A lead attorney for the Trump campaign, Lin Wood, was recently interviewed on Newsmax regarding election fraud and the cases that are being filed by himself, and attorney Sidney Powell. During the roughly four-minute interview, Lin revealed that the law firm of Hillary Clinton, Washington firm Perkins Coie LLP, is behind the now controversial change in voting rules in Georgia and what he says are many of the states across the country that changed their rules on how mail-in ballots would be handled including their examination and review.

According to Newsmax’s American Agenda anchor Heather Childers,  and confirmed in The Washington Post, this is the same law firm that retained Fusion GPS, to conduct the research for the now-famous dossier containing allegations about President Trump’s connections to Russia and possible coordination between his campaign and the Kremlin.

OK, and this I’m sorry, no I’m just still hung up on the law firm that you mentioned because they specifically were involved in compiling the dossier against President Trump and so now, you’re saying they’re involved in changing the ballots, that the absentee ballots specifically in Georgia?

Newsmax’s American Agenda anchor Heather Childers

Absolutely, Perkins Coie was one of the law firms that cut the deal with the Secretary of State. Perkins Coie has got its fingerprints all over every piece of litigation in this country where they are consistently urging that the courts not allow the citizens of this country to review and analyze forensically the voting machines or the actual absentee ballots if, if there’s nothing to hide why are they hiding it? I think there is a lot to hide, it’s coming out one way or the other, every lie will be revealed, Perkins Coie is right there in the thick of this dirty election and I think they ought to be held accountable too

Trump Campaign Lawyer, Lin Wood

Lin Wood Reveals Law Firm Connection During Interview (Part 2 The Process)

I contend that the election conducted on 11-3 was unlawful and unconstitutional because the absentee ballots procedure was a procedure that was set out in a back room deal between the secretary of state and the law firm of Perkins Coieand the Democratic party, Perkins Coiewas Hillary Clinton’s law firm. They cut a deal in May, of 2020, excuse me March, and they changed dramatically the absentee mail ballot procedure. The law is clear that a change like that can only be made lawfully by the Georgia legislature. They did it in the dead of night in a back room, many legislators were not even aware of that deal, I found out about it within two or three days of the election. I saw that it was obviously a procedure set up for fraud, so I filed my lawsuit contending that the election is unlawful and unconstitutional.

Trump Campaign Lawyer, Lin Wood

The videos above lay out the key points for this story. The entire uncut interview, just under five minutes, with additional background is on YouTube here.

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