Gaffe Machine: “Sleepy Joe” Mispronounces Name And Title of His Health And Human Services Secretary Nominee; Struggles With Teleprompter


WILMINGTON, DE – One might expect if you were about to announce the appointment of a new member of your administration to the role of “Secretary of Health and Human Services” you would at least be able to correctly pronounce their name – but not if you are President-elect Joe Biden, who got both the name and the department title wrong in an embarrassing “double gaffe” as he laid out his 100-day plan to fight COVID-19.

During an address in Delaware on Tuesday, Biden, who recently celebrated his 78th birthday, said the following while reading from a teleprompter:

“For Secretary of Health and Education Services, I nominate Xavier Bacheria,” he said, then quickly correcting himself on the pronunciation of Becerra’s last name. He did not realize he also fumbled the department.

The correct name of the department is Health and Human Services (HHS).

Earlier this year Biden, who President Trump often teases as “Sleepy Joe,” referred to joining the U.S. Senate “180 years ago,” and estimated that “200 million” Americans would likely die from the coronavirus. Amazingly, he even read the words End of Quote out loud while reading a teleprompter.

For months Biden’s ‘mental capacity’ and ‘cognitive ability’ has been called into question with even the Former White House physician claiming that he is ‘convinced’ Biden is unfit for office.

‘I’m pretty familiar with what it takes both physically and cognitively to do that job and what the demands of that job are,’ Jackson told reporters on the call organized by the Trump campaign, according to the New York Post.

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