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Op-Ed: Is It Time To Take Up Arms Against a Sea of Troubles?

Thomas Jefferson
“My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.” — Thomas Jefferson “

FORT WORTH, TX – Look at what we have. Look at the over bloated, overfed, over staffed department from the top on down. Look at the districts from whence our doted and fawned upon legislators rule. Yes, I say rule because they certainly do not serve.

Look at those major cities and the gun violence. If you haven’t gotten the point now it isn’t the gun but the person using the gun. Where is black lives matter when their own, that they say they represent, slaughter one another by the dozen just about every weekend.

Look at the drug use and the infested housing projects that are ruled by gangs. Look at the one parent households with young girls having babies with several different men and their mothers not being much better off.

Look at your drug and disease ridden homeless folks and vets in your tent cities in your districts. Young children do not get any schooling, barely have enough clothing and even less to eat, digging through trash and syringes to find a bite.


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Where is your compassion and empathy that you all talk about? Where do the billions go that you rip from our pockets every year to go to those above causes? How with a clear conscience can you live in the lap of luxury and know that service men and women laid down their lives or came home with appendages missing and damaged minds? You can’t provide a safe environment, food and healthcare. How dare you say that you have the answers year after year? Where is the money? What have you done with it?

The primary function of the government then is to create and maintain order, security and law. Yet you sit in your government seats that you feel you are entitled and call for defunding of the police. You disgust and dishonor me along with my brother officers.

I am at my wits ends with both the republicans and the democrats. You sit on your golden thrones, taking gold plated health insurance and fully paid pensions, travel on jets in a class few of us can afford. And which, by the way, the people pay for and you let us pick up what crumbs allowed to us.

You bicker and bitch whose cause is the most noble while taking pay offs from foreign governments, growing richer by the year. You enrich yourselves through the Ponzi scheme you call a government and steal our social security and give that and Medicare to illegals..

And it is this solution to the perennial danger of anarchy that brings another danger—tyranny. Minor when it consists of nepotism, abuse of power, arbitrariness and those above the law, major when it includes gulags, confiscation, violence and death. But minor or major, both can extinguish, as De Tocqueville found, the trouble of living. Thomas Jefferson said that: “Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers alone.”

I am throwing down the glove, I slap you in the face with it and I dare you to take up my challenge. Have any of you wastes of tax payers money taken the time to sit back and think about the people that are homeless, have no food to eat at Christmas, to share something to bring a smile to a child’s face that otherwise would not have gotten a gift?

I challenge you to come out of your Ivory Towers in your walled gated communities and make a token gesture to the needy. Have you thought of putting on a meal that could feed thousands and a gift for every child? No you haven’t. Your stench fills my nostrils.. You are only concerned about your perfect family dinner and wash out of your head the thought of those that have nothing.

My wife and I do more for the poor and needy all through the year than all of you pompous asses do in a life time. If you genuinely believe in taking care of the poor and needy who will never receive a stimulus check then maybe you should turn the mirror back on your own self-indulgent faces and show some Christian Christmas spirit for those of us hurting the most. If you can’t do that I have no use for any of you and you will have lost my vote forever. The Bible says, “And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

After all, glove drops, I’m Jus’ Sayin.

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