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Op-Ed: The Jesse James Gang Reincarnated

Jesse James Home Museum, St. Joseph, Missouri / United States - March 24 2019, Photo credit: APN Photography /, licensed.
Jesse James Home Museum, St. Joseph, Missouri / United States – March 24 2019. Jesse James was the infamous outlaw, bank and train robber who ran the James–Younger Gang operating in Missouri and Kansas during the American Civil War. Photo credit: APN Photography /, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Those famous robbers from the Old West, the Jesse James Gang, seems to have been reincarnated into today’s Democrat Party.  It seems the Democrat Party was just as good at robbery as the old Jesse James Gang, from their actions in the just concluded presidential election.

According to many experts who observed this past election, the Democrat Party pulled off the greatest election “heist” since the beginning of our democratic republic. They make the Jesse James Gang look like pikers.

Let’s look at some of the facts of this past election.  President Trump, the incumbent, received more votes than any previous president seeking reelection. In fact, he got 11 million more votes than he did in 2016.

That increase was calculated as being because he fared better with many key demographic groups, including the fact that he received 95% of the Republican vote. Quite remarkably, Trump grew support among black voters by 50% over 2016. Biden’s support fell below 90% of black voters. In addition, Trump got 35% of the Hispanic vote.

In previous elections, the Midwestern states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin generally followed the results in Ohio and Iowa. Current results have shown that, outside of a few cities, the vote swung in Trump’s favor.  But, as of now, Biden leads in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin because of an over abundance of votes from the black precincts of Detroit, Philadelphia and Milwaukee. More people voted in these cities than were registered to vote. Biden’s lead in those states was achieved from votes generated in those cities by just enough of a margin to put Biden over the top in those states.  Those cities have been notorious for their voting irregularities in the past.

Another anomaly, victorious presidential candidates, especially challengers like Biden, usually have down ballot coattails. Biden did not. In fact, all Congressional Republican incumbents won their seats, and at least 12 Republican candidates turned over and won seats from Democrats that they were supposed to lose. That alone should raise “red flags”.

How come on election night, Trump led in all battleground states, but in the early morning hours of November 4th, hundreds of thousands of votes came in with a high 90:10 ratio of Biden to Trump votes. Also, late arriving ballots were counted (past the election date cutoff). In Pennsylvania, 23,000 absentee ballots had impossible return dates plus another 86,000 that had extraordinary return dates raise serious questions. The rejection rates for absentee ballots usually runs a little over 3%, but in this election, the rejection rate was below 1%. Do you smell a rat?

What gives rise to the claims that this election was “rigged” is that every questionable vote was in Biden’s favor, not Trump’s. In addition. Hundreds of thousands of votes had just the Biden box checked off with no down ballot check offs. That is a statistical impossibility.

Put all this together with the Biden campaigns strategy of Biden not campaigning outside his basement bunker, and having him leaving Delaware occasionally to campaign before 30 to 50 people at campaign stops in parking lots in a few states, you have to wonder how could he have amassed 80 million votes as opposed to President Trump who crisscrossed the country holding rallies before tens of thousands of highly motivated supporters? The whole thing doesn’t add up or make any common sense as to why or how Trump lost the election.

I’ll say it again, the Jesse James Gang would look favorably upon to what the Democrats did for Joe Biden in their less than honest campaign, it is a “heist” that Jesse and the gang would look favorably upon.

(Much of the statistical information in this editorial was gleaned from an article by Patrick Basham, Adjunct scholar and Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute and the founding Director if the Democracy Institute)

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