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Op-Ed: China Has Joe Biden’s Number And Will Use Their Leverage To Force The President Elect, Once He Takes Office, To His Knees


BOCA RATON, FL – We doubt very much if any of the newly anointed Biden appointees would have the courage, temerity or shear patriotism enough to shake Joe awake from his slumber and give him the obvious intelligence information that China has been for years, still is and sadly will continue to be our number one enemy until we do something about it. And the threat from that nation is many faceted: Economically, technologically, ideologically and militarily. Sadly, most Americans relate to China only  through its culinary delights in restaurants or when purchasing “Made in China” products that have monopolized our markets because of their cheap price tags. History will focus on our blindness to understand what the real goal of China, has been, since inception under Mao and his Chinese Communist Party (CCP), in 1949. And that’s world domination. They’re well on their way.

Unlike the brutal, military onslaught of the Nazis to conquer and overwhelm, the Chinese subtly and brilliantly worked their way up from a war-torn primitive society to be sniffing at the backs of our country as the leader of the world. From cheap clothing and poorly made, unreliable products, they now produce our computers, electronic components and goods that fill every household around the world. They are good at what they do and are getting better. That’s the problem. China is also constantly developing  its intelligence services through its businesses scattered around the globe that collect military and cyber technology that they will use to suppress its enemies, which include America. World conquest is their goal. And we stand in their way…..for the moment.

Our problem is that the fiercest opponent to Chinese plans of world conquest was and still is President Trump. He makes no bones about their threat to the world. Last year he blisteringly attacked them. “They’ve ripped off the United States like no one has ever done before. Beijing has raided our factories and gutted American industry.He called out China for “espionage to steal our industrial secrets.” He accused China for “espionage to steal our military and scientific secrets” and blamed them for “unlawfully claiming territory in the Pacific Ocean and threatening Freedom of navigation.”

These are words of strength from our current president. But what if Biden takes over the White House in January? Will his and his family’s allegedly being on Beijing’s payroll for years have an effect on his treatment of China? It’s open knowledge that Hunter Biden has sucked in tens of millions of dollars from China. He flew, as a heavy hitter to that country on his Dad’s Air Force II jet. Tony Bobulinski has appeared on TV claiming that Joe’s brother Jim, as well, has big buck ties to a Chinese energy firm. Apparently, China has Joe Biden’s number and will use their leverage, perhaps even the threat of blackmail to force the President elect, once he takes office, to his knees. Oops! Rather our knees. 

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