New Lawsuit Filed As Thousands of Illegal Ballots Are Found In Georgia; Analyst Traced Ineligible Voters, Ballots Cast With Fake Addresses

WASHINGTON, D.C. – According to Chanel Rion OF One America News, an election integrity group lead by Matt Braynard from the Voter Integrity Project, filed a new lawsuit in Georgia, bolstering the Trump legal team’s case against the election in that state.

Rion spoke with Braynard who says his data analysis will leave legislators little choice but to address the widespread fraud in Georgia as his group have collected thousands of voter records and are verifying them with the Secretary of State. Specifically, Braynard said they have over 500 pages of voter records for people who cast illegal ballots, those who voted when they were ineligible to vote, and ballots cast with fake addresses including P.O. Boxes made to appear as residences (forbidden by Georgia election rules and procedures).

Braynard also said

“I think we’ll put the breaks on anybody walking out of that state with the electors anytime soon.”

Matt Braynard, Voter Integrity Project

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