Bill O’Reilly: How Could Trump Have A 700k Vote Lead In Pennsylvania By Midnight On Election Night, And Still Lose By 60k? “Off the Charts Crazy”

NEW YORK, NY – Last night, Bill O’Reilly, who formally hosted Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor” for nearly twenty years, looked at the election result using analytical data his team gathered and what he found was significant statistical abnormalities which, at minimum, seem highly suspect for a Biden win in the 2020 election he indicated.

From Bill’s new “No Spin Zone” – a podcast called “No Spin News” hosted at his own website, and on – O’Reilly broke down the “odds” on how President Trump could have a 700,000 vote lead in Pennsylvania by midnight on election night, and still lose by 60,000?

“So what are the odds that President Trump has a 700,000 lead vote lead in Pennsylvania by midnight on election night and then he loses by 60,000? What are the odds of that happening? I still don’t know all right, I have information, but I don’t know that. I’d like to know that wouldn’t you? What the odds are there, that’s called analytics. Now if you can build a strong analytical case that this vote was off the charts crazy that goes a long way to convincing, ‘we the people’ that there was fraud. Let’s start with the facts”

O’Reilly’s show can be watched free weeknights at 8PM on a new television network called The First TV or at 6PM through an online subscription at his website or

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