Media Continues It’s “No Evidence” Narrative While Hearings Bring Forth Eyewitnesses, Computer Expert on “Forensically Destructive” Activities


HARRISBURG, PA – At a hearing which took place in Gettysburg on Wednesday, Republican state legislators in Pennsylvania heard hours of testimony from witnesses, poll watchers and at least one computer forensics expert who detailed what he said was “forensically destructive” activity. The witnesses appeared with Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani who explained the testimony they would hear was voter fraud ‘gone wild’ going as far as saying the fraud was likely initiated through a “common plan” constructed across several swing states by the Democratic Party to cheat using absentee ballots.

The hearing, which was more than three hours long, took place not far from the Battlefield of the Civil War as well as where President Lincoln gave his famous address. The hearing was requested by State Senator Doug Mastriano (R), who coincidently had his Twitter account suspended in ‘Error’ soon after the hearing.

Also at the hearing was Senior Legal Advisor Jenna Ellis who explained to the legislative body that it is the State Legislature who possesses the power under the U.S. Constitution to make a call on the states 20 electoral votes considering its rules and processes were not followed.

“Clearly you’ve heard sufficient evidence today that would lead any reasonable finder of fact to say that there’s been sufficient evidence that you should not move forward with certification,” Ellis said.

Also participating in the hearing was President Trump who called in from the Oval Office. While it is early in the process the best way to decide the credibility of the witnesses and to what exactly took place that day is to watch the hearing (embedded above in-full) yourself.

The video has well over one million views.

On November 24, Pennsylvania certified the presidential election results, declaring Joe Biden the winner over President Donald Trump. According to Ellis, the latest update on the hearing is that it resulted in the Legislature deciding to make a joint resolution to prevent the certification of the results and potentially choose to cast the state’s votes for Donald Trump.

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