Twitter “Mistakenly” Censors Links to Michigan and Georgia Lawsuits Claiming “Massive Election Fraud” As “Potentially Harmful” Information

Massive Election Fraud
Twitter user Angela Stanton King was one of many who shared the result of posting links to the lawsuits on Twitter. The incident began to spark rage on social media and was picked up by Breitbart and other news networks before being reversed.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A website operated by Sidney Powell, the attorney and former federal prosecutor working to uncover evidence of election fraud in the 2020 election, was periodically censored on Twitter for the site containing “potentially harmful” information. The site, setup as a “Legal Defense Fund” contains a way to support her efforts, report fraud and makes available two separate lawsuits filed in the swing states of Michigan and Georgia outlining in each the “Complaint For Declaratory, Emergency, And Permanent Injunctive Relief” requested in both cases.

Users who attempted to post any material including a web link to or any of its legal documents hosted on the site, were met with either a technical difficulty message or a warning that the link could not be posted due to its content. The incident began to spark rage on social media and was picked up by Breitbart News and other news networks.

According to Fox News who spoke with someone from Twitter’s media relations team, the links were identified as dangerous or violating their policies “mistakenly”  saying “The URL referenced was mistakenly marked under our unsafe links policy — this action has now been reversed.” 

President Trump responded by calling for protections for big tech under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, to be immediately removed.

By 11 PM Eastern time November 27, 2020, the Published Reporter was able to post the link without issue. The incident only fuels the fire behind a growing debate about censorship by Big Tech.

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