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Op-Ed: Being Thankful Amidst America’s Storm

There is definitely something in the air, a feeling of unrest, a feeling of division, even in families, concerning the right and wrong direction for the Country heretofore. Photo credit, licensed.
There is definitely something in the air, a feeling of unrest, a feeling of division, even in families, concerning the right and wrong direction for the Country heretofore. Photo credit, licensed.

WISCONSIN – As we await our blessed Thanksgiving celebration, with all of the usual frenzied preparation and plans… as we eagerly anticipate a table full of roast turkey, mashed potatoes, homemade gravy, stuffing, and cranberries… our thoughts can’t help but turn to the major civil war brewing in this great and once-united United States of America.

There is definitely something in the air, a feeling of unrest, a feeling of division, even in families, concerning the right and wrong direction for the Country heretofore.

On one side are those who adhere to the Constitution, and all of its Bible-based principles—with great love and respect for America and its founders.  And there are those who also say that they love their Country, but that it must atone for its many sins of the past.

This latter group would like to ‘take the USA down a peg or two.’  To even America out with the rest of the world, in terms of dominance. They adhere to a globalist, ‘let’s all get along,’ attitude toward even the evil dictators in the world.

But that is about as foolish as offering yourself to the schoolyard bully as a punching bag. The evil countries see this as weakness, plain and simple.

With the pending stalemate on the election results, we are left in a suspended state, wondering what will happen next. One side claims victory, and has begun its transition—while the other side is building a case of illegalities, and saying ‘Not so fast!’

And yet those of us who are Believers in Christ, that He was the Son of God who died for our sins and rose again… we Believers innately discern that something bigger is going on here. That this is a spiritual war, between good and evil—and that Almighty God’s Justice will prevail in the end.

We don’t know exactly how and when and where… we do not know the specifics… but we do know that His Plan will unfold, given time. And so we, as advised, ‘wait on Him.’

We pray that any and all corruption would be exposed, and that those who follow God’s truth will prevail. And we thank God for our many blessings despite the current unrest and uncertainty. Because we are certain on who will be the final victor. We’ve read the end of the Bible.

During this Thanksgiving, we will appreciate and be thankful for a roof over our heads, a warm meal in our belly, and whatever family and friends and pets are in our loving sphere. Thus, this is the first of the ‘ABC’s’ that we practice: Appreciation.

The second letter in those ABC’s would be that we remember to ‘Breathe’ appropriately, especially under times of stress and anxiety. ‘Slow and low,’ as they teach us, where the top of one’s chest remains stable, and the lower, belly-button area, goes in and out, slowly. This simple technique will activate our parasympathetic nervous system, which in turn will provide instant calming.

And the letter ‘C’ is accomplished by staying ‘Calm in Christ.’ Giving everything over to Christ. Even the small things, since we remember that from God’s perspective, all things are small.

We keep calm and carry on, knowing that as Believers in Christ, all of our trials are first filtered through His loving hands… and that nothing will be allowed that we—with His mighty backing and power—cannot handle.

The Bible tells us that as the Great Tribulation period approaches, the evil will increase. And that there will be a strong delusion that many will believe. It seems very obvious that this delusion has begun. Folks appear to be running in circles, looking for anyone and everyone to give them direction. Fear combined with deceit is always Satan’s most potent strategy—and he utilizes this tool well.

But Jesus did not tell us to run around anxious and scare each other half to death. Rather, he told us, “Now when these things happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near” (Luke 21:28).

And so we remain steadfast in Our Lord, obsessed with Him. We look past the evil as best we can and do as Jesus commanded. That involves following God and continuing obediently in His Word, endeavoring to gain in wisdom, as instructed.

Most importantly we focus upon winning souls for His Kingdom by spreading His Powerful Gospel, as Jesus instructed when He departed on the Mount of Olives. We also make sure to participate in fellowship with Believers even more so now, as the Bible teaches us—and also to continue to take Communion and to abide in prayer.

Now, we Believers do not know God’s exact plan, or when Jesus will return in the Rapture to gather His Church—but we are to watch for the signs of times winding down, which we now are seeing in spades. And which are gaining in duration and frequency like the birth pangs Jesus described when talking on the latter days.

We are told in Bible Prophecy that the biggest sign of the end times unraveling would be the re-gathering of Israel into their land, which happened on May 14, 1948. Prophecy relates that the generation that sees that re-gathering will see all of Bible Prophecy unfold. And by the way, we also know that all Bible prophecy that had to be fulfilled before the Rapture has now been fulfilled.

Glory Be! The clock is now ticking! And until that time, which is ‘thisclose,’ we thank our Lord on this blessed Thanksgiving for ‘bringing us into the fold,’ into His Heaven one day to live with Him throughout Eternity. And for now, we also thank God for filtering all of our days and their challenges through His Loving Fingers. Yes, all is well with our Soul!

How thankful we are on this Blessed Thanksgiving! End times have begun to unravel on Earth, and soon Believers in Christ will hear the Glorious Trumpet of God—and will enter into everlasting fellowship with Our Lord and Savior. Not the end of this Eternal and cozy story, my friends. No, no…it is just the Beginning!

Yes, the clock is ticking on Jesus’ return… and quite loudly at that. And, my fellow Believers, we are now at a quarter to midnight!

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