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Op-Ed: When All Is Said And Done; When You Connect All The Dots, The Wrong Person Will Most Likely Win A Tainted Election

A Tainted Election
No matter what great things Trump did for the economy, it all came down during the campaign as to how he handled the China virus. As he confronted the effects of the virus upon the country, he was challenged at every turn by the Democrats in whatever he tried to do, just as the Chinese planned would happen. Photo credit: Stratos Brilakis /, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Let’s Connect the Dots. Dot #1. It started at the end of 2019, when the COVID-19 virus was thrust upon the world by Communist China. The main targets were the United States and Western Europe, the major economic foes of the Chinese. Ever since Donald Trump assumed the presidency, he had confronted the actions of the Chinese, mainly in challenging their self-serving trade practices, and then by him imposing tariff’s on their products entering the United States, which caused them a great financial hardship. Therefore, Chinese had a reason to try to unseat their nemesis, Donald Trump, especially during the upcoming presidential campaign. They knew that the potent virus, that was developed in the Chinese City of Wuhan, would be a perfect method of undermining the economy of the United States which would then hurt Trump politically, and they knew that Trump’s opponents (the Democrats and the Never-Trumper RINO’s) would use the virus as a cudgel over the head of Trump as the virus played havoc all through  the year 2020 leading up to the election.

Up until the unleashing of the China virus into the United States, Trump had many real successes during the first three years of his administration. The economy was booming, the stock market hit all-time highs, the unemployment rate was the lowest since the 1940’s, as blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and women were all reaping the benefit of a low unemployment rate that was the result of Trump lowering taxes on corporations and on most individuals. He also stimulated businesses by doing away with the onerous regulations put in place under the Obama administration. He was riding high as the 2020 election approached.

What Happened?

 Dot #2.  No matter what great things Trump did for the economy, it all came down during the campaign as to how he handled the China virus. As he confronted the effects of the virus upon the country, he was challenged at every turn by the Democrats in whatever he tried to do, just as the Chinese planned would happen. The media (the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party) sometimes referred to as the “fake news media”, universally condemned and negatively spun events Trump presided over, even though he got praise, even from Democrat governors, including Cuomo of New York and Newsom of California in the beginning, but it was not enough for his political haters, especially as it got closer to the election.

Dot #3. As the virus was making itself felt around the country, the Democrats, as part of their organized opposition to the Trump administration, and using the virus as an excuse, started changing the voting procedures in a number of states, mainly in the so-called battleground states; states which were designated to be the determining factor in electing the next president. Stealthily, the Democrats worked to get many states to institute the voting procedure called “Universal mail-in ballots”, whereby blank ballots were mailed out to all potential voters whether or not they requested them. This lax procedure was a procedure that invited fraud as no individual identification was verified and post marks, in some cases, were extended past the November 3 election date.  These changes were illegal as the voting changes must be made through the various state legislatures as stated in the U.S. Constitution, and not by governors and state voting officials. As early as the late Spring, President Trump stated that this practice of lax voting controls was the only way the Democrats could possibly win the presidential election. No more prescient words were spoken by Trump during the campaign.

Dot #4. As election night of November 3 was ending, Trump had leads in all battleground states, but when morning came and the “universal mail-in votes” were being countered and batches of ballots were mysteriously delivered to the vote counting stations, the substantial lead of Trump evaporated and Biden took the lead in the Electoral College and in the total votes “cast”. Charges of fraud and voting irregularities started to emerge from around the country as some people involved in the counting of votes came forth with signed affidavits claiming that many of the votes were being manipulated to give Biden the edge. Trump and his supporters are claiming that the election was rigged and that Trump was the winner.  Around 50% of the citizens, mostly Republicans and some Democrats, agree with the assessment that the election was rigged in favor of Biden.

Dot #5. President Trump  and his supporters have challenged the results, as it was quite obvious to any objective observer, that there was too much manipulation of votes for the election of Biden, to be considered a fair and honest election. The bar is set very high to expect the president to prevail in having the election overturned, even though the facts seem to validate his position. If Biden prevails, he will serve with a cloud over his head as he tries to run the country.

When all is said and done, when you connect all the dots, the wrong person will most likely win the tainted election.

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