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Op-Ed: Will the Chutzpah of the Palestinians Never Cease?

Gaza Strip, Palestine
View of the city of Gaza from the roof of a 5-story building. Gaza Strip, Palestine. February 2017. Photo credit: Val_Yankin /, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – Add “Chutzpah” to the laundry list of outrages that the Palestinian terror group Hamas has amassed over the years. Their leaders sequestered in their “homeland” of the Gaza Strip have now threatened Israel with extermination if the Jewish State does not supply their squalid hospitals with top of the line medical equipment to deal with the uncontrolled outbreak of the Chinese Virus within its population.

According to UN sources which are friendly to these killers, Yahya Sinwar, the Hamas leader, who also is the general  managing the virus outbreak, threatened Israel earlier this year that if the residents of the Gaza Strip could not breathe, then six million Israelis would not breathe either. This warning accompanied his demand that Israel send to him a minimum of 40 respirators for (supposed) use to treat the virus victims in the Strip. Of course, knowing the concerns of Palestinians for their people, it would not astonish us if these respirators, if gifted by Israel, would not end up on E-Bay to fill the pockets of Sinwar and his cronies. Apparently, according to other verifiable sources, the Arab hospitals in the area are “filthy,” “deplorable” and the morbidity rate is sky high.

Too bad for these rank and file Gazan citizens who put these monsters in charge of them and their families in this enclave. While using extortion to threaten the lives of six million Jews, if medical help from Israel is not sent to them, they are, on a daily basis, lobbing rockets, floating incendiary balloons and building terror tunnels into Israel. This is no civilized way to curry favors. But they are crude, stupid, vicious, and remember, they go by their holy Koran. To back up our point, just this past weekend, a Hamas rocket attack destroyed a factory on the outskirts of Ashkelon. Dumb as dirt! Of course, Israel bombers retaliated and wiped out some military sites.

Our question to Hamas and the groveling UN people who support them: Why do these people think that Israel owes them any assistance? Did Israeli tourists carry the virus into their territory? Where has all the funding for Gaza, over the years gone? What happened to the 220 million U.S. taxpayer dollars that Obama handed over to them on his last day of office gone? We’ll not wait for an answer. We’ll give it. The top leaders of Hamas, Khaled Meshaal and Mousa Abu Marzouk sucked in about 7.5 billion dollars between the two of them. There are now 600 Hamas millionaire terrorists living in lavish villas, well away from the stench of the poverty of the people whose welfare they claim to care about. These funds could have gone to building hospitals on western standards, loaded with ICU units, ventilators, masks, gloves, modern medical equipment and training for professionals. But this is the way of Palestinian terrorists. They know of no other way to deal with their problems but threaten those from whom they beg for help. I say, let them show real efforts to make and live in peace with Jews before Israel reaches out to help them. Remember the fable about the turtle who mercifully carried a deadly snake across the river? Let Israel consider itself the turtle and the Hamas, the snake. 

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