Alleged Antifa Leader Suspended from Twitter After Threatening Violence Against Donald Trump If He Fails to Concede 2020 Election by Deadline

Adam Rahuba, a self-purported Antifa leader in Pittsburgh,
A photo of Adam Rahuba of Pittsburgh, on an Instagram account in his name. The photo is also showcased on the homepage of Rahuba appears to describe himself as an propagandist and American Troll.

UPDATE NOVEMBER 25, 2020 7:03 PM EASTERN. Sometimes after the publication of this story, the Instagram account for Adam Rahuba referenced (embedded) in the lower portion of this story was changed to ‘private’ so some images from those embeds may not appear.

PITTSBURGH, PA – Adam Rahuba, a self-purported Antifa leader in Pittsburgh, has had his Twitter account suspended for what the social media giant claims are violations against their policy on “hateful conduct” after allegedly calling for what amounts to an armed insurrection if President Donald Trump refused to concede the 2020 election to President-Elect Joe Biden – by Sunday.

The tweet, which now only exists in screenshot form since Rahuba’s Twitter account was suspended, was directed at Trump’s @realDonaldTrump account and read as follows:

If you do not concede by Sunday at noon, we will begin to block roads in conservative areas. Your supporters will not be able to go to work or go to the grocery store to feed their families. We are armed and will retaliate to attempts of vehicular homicide.

Antifa is an organization comprised of activists who claim to oppose fascism and sometimes resort to violence and property damage in order to get their point across.

Snapshot of the page as it appeared on Nov 22, 2020 21:33:45 GMT.

While Rahuba’s Twitter feed is currently suspended, all of his previous tweets are no longer able to be viewed; however, this report alleges that his posting history was filled with repeated calls for hate and violence, especially against conservatives and Trump supporters. The Published Reporter is currently unable to verify these claims at this time due to Rahuba’s suspension.

However, according to a report by the Washington Post, Rahuba, 38, may actually wield little in the way of any real-world power; in contrast, he may actually be nothing more than an internet troll who stages numerous hoaxes and false claims on social media aimed at conservatives and right-wing groups, some of which have been picked up by news organizations such as Breitbart and the Gateway Pundit.

The Post article instead paints him as merely a part-time food-deliveryman and DJ who spent a period of time crashing on couches of friends in Pittsburgh. However, even if he is only a prankster and not a real activist, this doesn’t mean that his hoaxes couldn’t – or haven’t – lead to others committing acts of violence on his behalf.

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