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Op-Ed: You Know It When You See It

Pro Trump supporters at a Stop the Steal rally holding signs against the media declaring Joe Biden President elect due to voter fraud and vote count being incomplete. Nov 7, 2020, Helena, Montana. Photo credit: Brandi Lyon Photography /, licensed.
Pro Trump supporters at a Stop the Steal rally holding signs against the media declaring Joe Biden President elect due to voter fraud and vote count being incomplete. Nov 7, 2020, Helena, Montana. Photo credit: Brandi Lyon Photography /, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – That phrase was used by Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart to describe the threshold test for defining obscenity. The same expression can be used when describing the fraudulent presidential election we just witnessed. Most objective observant people know that the election was not on the up and up. Too many voting patterns and tabulations were not what they should have been.  And all those shenanigans benefited, Joe Biden.

It makes no sense that all the final election totals that were decisive were in Democrat cities and states. Hundreds of affidavits have been gathered, from concerned voting workers, claiming that voting irregularities, all favoring Joe Biden, were prevalent in most of the swing states. How come, according to predictions by the “fake news media” of a national “Blue Wave”, that the only “Blue Wave” that occurred was for Joe Biden and not the down ballot Democrats? The Republicans will, hopefully, retain the Senate after the Georgia run-off races, in addition, the Republicans returned all their incumbent Congressional seats plus they gained 12 more seats, and they won control of a few more state legislatures, which they were predicted to lose. On top of those Republican gains, Joe Biden, the phantom candidate, supposedly got five million more votes than President Trump. Do you “smell a rat”?

On the night of the election, for example, President Trump was headed for a smashing victory in the State of Pennsylvania, but the vote count was halted at around 10 PM.  By the morning, votes from the voting corrupt cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, rolled in an over-whelming number consisting of mostly Biden ballots. How did these votes miraculously show up to turn the election to Joe Biden? Did the word go out that Biden votes were needed immediately? You make the call.

The same thing happened in other cities such as Detroit, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Phoenix etc., all controlled by Democrats. How come all the reports of voter fraud were in those cities just mentioned?  Was that just a coincidence? Why isn’t the news media interested in seeing whether these reports of voter fraud were valid or not? Do they have a bias to not try to invalidate the election of their favorite son, Joe Biden? Is the Pope Catholic?

How can a cognitively impaired candidate who has trouble expressing himself without the use of a teleprompter, who had trouble with facts and statistics, who campaigned from his basement bunker almost exclusively, and when he did venture out from his basement, he addressed 20 to 50 people with few questions from reporters. In addition, in order to gain support of the “Progressive Wing” of the Democrat Party, he signed a “Manifesto” with Socialist Bernie Sanders vowing to carry out Bernie’s policies if elected. Comparing Biden’s campaign style to the energetic Donald Trump, who crisscrossed the country holding campaign rallies where tens of thousands of supporters showed up with wild enthusiasm. It makes no sense that Biden should’ve generated so much more support as compared with Trump.

The voting changes, such as “Universal mail in ballots”, extending the voting period to over a month before the regular voting date of November 3, the lack of observers representing the Republicans who were denied access as to how the votes were being counted, and a lack of verification of valid signatures and a postmarks dated before election day, was all part of the chaos that we are facing now. Also, it has been reported that hundreds of thousands of votes only had a check mark for Joe Biden with no check marks for down ballot candidates. That’s almost statistically impossible, some maybe, but not hundreds of thousands. That points to fraud.

If we don’t fix this mishmash of voting changes after this election, we’ll see a repeat of this election in the future almost guaranteeing Democrat victories ad infinitum. Remember what that U.S.S.R. butcher, Josef Stalin, once stated, “Those Who Vote Decide Nothing, Those Who Count the Vote Decide Everything” will be the determining factor in future elections. We can’t let that happen as we know voter fraud when we see it.

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