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Op-Ed: “Stuffing the Ballot Box” with Mail-in Ballots

More than one million Trump supporters attended the Million MAGA “Stop the Steal” March at Freedom Plaza, Washington D.C. on November 14th. Marchers headed to a second rally site outside the Supreme Court. Photo Credit: Paul Poris

QUEENS, NY – President Trump won the 2020 presidential election by a landslide of legal votes, and 73 million Trump voters will not allow this election to be stolen by widespread voter fraud. Stealing elections has been the rule rather than the exception in big cities run by Democrats throughout our history, and now it will end.

The legacy media reports that voter fraud claims are baseless, false, and historically rare and the tech giants censor anyone who disagrees. But history tells us a different story of corrupt machine politics in the big cities Democrats ruled for the past century by rigging elections, and they are still at it today.

The Hague political machine of Jersey City, and other powerful big-city machines served as the likely prototypes for today’s vote-rigging system. Mayor Frank Hague infamously declared “I am the Law” and turned voter fraud into a science to deliver votes for Democrats. Boss Hague’s political machine specializing in graft and corruption, ran Jersey City for decades in the early half of the past century. The Hague machine rigged the elections for Democrat candidates, with some winning by nearly 100% of the vote. Election results were usually reported late after reviewing the vote count to determine how many votes were needed to win. In precincts where they needed more votes, Hague’s army of election workers stuffed the ballot boxes and discarded and erased Republican ballots. Poll Watchers and Republicans seeking an honest and fair election, were shut out of polling places, arrested, bullied and beaten up. Hague’s time-honored practice of keeping dead people and those who moved away on the voter registration lists, is standard practice today.

No political machine was more proficient at stealing elections than Tammany Hall, from the latter half of the nineteenth century and on, buying votes and turning out many more votes than eligible voters. Votes from the deceased, from illegal aliens, hired hands voting multiple times, Republican poll watchers driven off, uncounted ballot boxes tossed in the East River, and voting with pre-marked ballots were some of the techniques employed by vote riggers to guarantee the outcome for Democrat candidates in elections at all levels of government. The ballots never counted, rather the “counters made the result… That was generally done to every ward by the gentleman who had charge of the ward,” Boss Tweed, the infamous Tammany leader admitted, and said, “I don’t think there was ever a fair or honest election in the city of New York.” These statements are just as true today, borne out by the same practices in play in the battleground states.

The big city vote-stealing machines of Pendergast of Kansas City, Huey Long of Louisiana, the Daley machine of Chicago, and many others, used the same methods to rig elections, such as pre-marked ballots and dead people voting. In Chicago, election workers would take names off tombstones to add to the voter rolls. Richard Daley’s powerful machine, still in operation in the 1980’s after his death, staged a massive voter fraud operation involving 100,000 illegal votes cast mostly by illegal aliens, as reported by a federal grand jury. Ongoing fraud is ever present today as the political motto of Chicago attests: “vote early and vote often.”

The nationwide call to restore integrity to the electoral process brought about such reforms as pre-registration of voters and the familiar lever machines, which were equipped with locks and features to prevent fraud and record totals accurately, in order to stop the effortless rigging of elections allowed by paper ballots.

In the 2020 election, the hallowed tradition of “stuffing the ballot box” is back in play with abundant fraud, as President Trump and the Republican Party warned the nation early on. Old school voter-fraudsters jumped at the opportunity imposed by the pandemic, to ply their nefarious trade once again with mail-in ballots to steal the presidential election.

An anonymous Democrat political operative blew the whistle in a recent New York Post article exposing the widespread tricks of the trade using mail-in ballots to rig elections. Tricks such as ballot harvesting, copying and pre-marking ballots, engaging anti-Trump postal workers, dead people voting and many others that are eerily similar to the vote-stealing tactics of the heyday of the Hague, Daley and Boss Tweed political machines.

The return of mail-in paper ballots was a goldmine for big city Democrat operatives to deliver the votes needed for Biden to win the battleground states, with millions of fraudulent ballots. “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” were the literal words of Joe Biden.

Democrat controlled big cities in the swing states, closed their polling sites, shut out Republican inspectors and observers, and continued counting through the night until Trump’s lead on Election Day was gone. Las Vegas, Pittsburg, Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Atlanta poll sites were closed down on election night and the required number of votes miraculously appeared overnight to swing the lead to Biden.

Rather than nationwide voter fraud, we witnessed vote rigging operations on a local level in Democrat run cities of swing states to change a national election. There was little or no fraud, no poll site close downs, no ballot dumps necessary in such Blue cities in Red states, as Nashville, Miami, Dallas, Houston, and others. This was a surgical operation to steal the election mainly in the key swing states, imbued with the history of vote rigging big-city political machines.

President Trump’s legal defense team is presenting mountains of evidence and sworn affidavits of eyewitnesses to fraud, whistleblowers exposing election software designed to rig elections that switched “millions of votes” from Trump to Biden, and more than enough illegal ballots to overturn the election in key swing states. This fraudulent election will not stand. The election is far from over. The only way Trump will not win a second term is if he concedes, and this will never happen! We must stand with President Trump for the sake of America! 

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