Voting Machine Manufacturer Dominion Voting Systems Fails To Appear For Government Hearings In Pennsylvania – Hired Lawyers Instead

HARRISBURG, PA – On Thursday evening, Dominion Voting Systems, the Denver Colorado based manufacturer behind the voting machines used in the 2020 election, was expected to appear before the Pennsylvania House State Government Committee to answer questions about the accuracy and reliability of its systems, however, at what was said to be “the eleventh hour,” the company backed out of the “virtual fact-finding hearings” and hired lawyers instead.

To announce the no-show, the Pennsylvania House GOP leader Chairman Rep. Seth Grove spoke at a press conference this morning accusing the company of “slapping Pennsylvanians in their face” saying “If they have nothing to hide, why are they hiding from us?”

Today I’m saddened to report to the taxpayers of Pennsylvania, the 1.3 million voters who trusted Dominion Voting Systems with their ballots, that Dominion Voting Systems has hung you out to dry and slapped you in your faces. Not only are Pennsylvanians more skeptical, but the actions of Dominion Voting Systems last night have led credibility to their accuser’s acquisitions.

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